Jake Miller Revealed Episode 1: Weston, Florida!

In the first episode of Jake Miller Revealed, our host Alex Schiffman joins Jake on his "first flight home" to his hometown of Weston, Florida!

We join Jake as he stops for a bite at his favorite local Italian restaurant, Del Vecchio's Pizzeria, where he introduces us to his roommate, DJ, guitarist and day-to-day manager Joey Gandolfo!

Jake and Joey teach us the rules to their hilarious "What are the chances?" game, and Jake shows off his skills with an amazing trick involving a wad of chewing gum!

He also takes our crew on a tour of the town, talking about the people who made his stardom possible, and stopping to pose with a fan's mom!

After sharing his career bucket list, we follow Jake to the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, where he meets with fans and snaps pics before a soundcheck at the LIV Nightclub!

Jake and Joey also share their best Nae Naes and tease upcoming material. Best of all, we get to see some amazing live footage from the concert!

Jake Miller's new EP, Lion Heart, releases at midnight tonight, so be sure to check it out! And if you're part of the Millertary, be sure to join our community at Sweety High!

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