Our Man Crush Monday James Bay Is Our James Bae!

James Bay is a singer-songwriter who NEEDS to be on your radar. He was the Critics' Choice winner at last year's BRIT Awards and had a #1 album in the UK, and we think this will be the year he completely takes over the US music scene. But those aren't the only reasons James should be your Man Crush Monday this week!

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Full Name: James Michael Bay

Hometown: Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England

Zodiac Sign: Virgo ♍️(If you're Taurus or Capricorn you're supes compatible!)

Favorite Food: Cereal

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Song: "Lean On Me"

Favorite Accessory: His signature hat


1. James Bay started playing guitar when he was 11. He learned on his dad's old guitar with rusty and missing strings!

2. Until he dedicated his life to music, James planned to have a career in art. His drawing abilities are ?

james bay drawing

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3. James shares his birthday (September 4) with Beyoncé and we don't think it's a coincidence.

4. James is a HUGE supporter of WaterAid, a UK charity that helps provide clean water to people around the world. Last year he even held concerts where WaterAid volunteers could get free tickets!

james bay make it happen water aid mcm

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5. James is KIND of a matchmaker. Once, a fan in the audience proposed in the middle of James' performance of "If You Ever Wanna Be In Love."

6. He was inspired to write his song "Scars" when his girlfriend went away to school. He didn't finish the track until she returned, and they are STILL together.

7. James is going to be performing at the GRAMMYs. NBD.

8. And best of all, he's as obsessed with Harry Potter as we are.

harry potter james bay mcm

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