Street Artist James Goldcrown Reveals the Story Behind His Insta-Famous LoveWall

Street art has a long history of bringing about positive messages and beauty to world.

Our new inspo James Goldcrown is one of the many artists bringing both wherever he goes with his Insta-famous bleeding heart murals.

His latest collaboration with Rumba watches called the Orchard Love Collection is a reflection of the peace and love he wants to celebrate in his murals for years to come. We spoke to James about where his art has taken him, his inspo behind the bleeding heart wall and why this new collaboration is so cool for him. See what he had to share below.

Sweety High: What made you want to collaborate with Rumba on a watch collection?

James Goldcrown: I've always been excited to see how the LoveWall would look on a watch and I felt this was a great opportunity to see that happen.

James Goldcrown lovewall watch

(via Rumba)


SH: Where else in the world has your art taken you so far?

JG: Japan, South Korea, Brazil, America, Canada, the U.K., Italy and France—just to name a few.

Chicago #lovewall

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SH: Where is your favorite place to paint in the entire world?

JG: I'll let you know when I'm there, there is so much more to see!


SH: How did you come up with the design concept for the LoveWall?

JG: Honestly, I would always test the pressure of spray cans for some reason by making heart shapes and then one day a guy came into my studio obsessing over a door I had been testing the pressures on, and that is where it all started. He wanted to buy it.

#tbt still one of my favorites @oficina1m #nyc #lovewall #love ❤️????????????????

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