Jamie Charoen On Her New Single, "Puppeteer!"

Jamie Charoen is a young and talented singer-songwriter with a goal of empowering young women. We recently chatted with Jamie regarding her history with music and how she plans to make a difference in the world.

Her latest single, "Puppeteer" released on June 4.

Jamie Charoen has been singing as long as she can remember. When she was little, her uncle had a recording studio on his property.

Jamie Charoen

"When I was younger, instead of going and playing with other kids outside, I was in the booth with people watching them record," Jamie said. "The only time you could get me to be quiet was when music was around. I was really intrigued by it."

Jamie Charoen's parents always dreamed of creating a better life for their kids than they ever had. They wanted to create a positive environment that would allow their kids to develop into the best possible people.

"That was one of the morals I grew up on," she explained. "Their dream was for us to have a better life, so I let kids know it's ok to be how they are, and to dream outside of what 'normal' is."

Jamie has a very deep connection to her single, Puppeteer. It was shaped by her personal experiences, being of French and Thai descent and being born in Thailand.

"I wanted to get across the message that I feel like society as a whole is very, very conformed to a specific way of thinking," she said. "Growing up and being Asian and not looking like everyone else in Orlando, it was something I was very aware of. And I had a dream some people would call crazy. That was another fuel to the fire. In our society there's a very conformed set of rules, and people categorize you."

Jamie Charoen has a younger brother, and wanted to set an example for him and other kids struggling through their transition from childhood to adulthood.

"Their lives are controlled by 'puppeteers,'" she said, "whether the puppeteer is the peers that pick on them, or they're in a relationship with someone who is manipulating and controlling them and making them into a person they're not. It's an anthem for the people who are lost."

This is something that so many young people go through, and Jamie wanted them to know that they are not alone.

"I've been there once upon a time and I wanted to be a big sister to someone who doesn't have a big sister," she said.  "You don't need someone controlling you and running your life."

"I remember the first time i stumbled upon Justin Bieber," Jamie said. "It was in his bathroom, and it had 5 or 6 thousand views when I saw it. I thought he was amazing, and he really inspired me."

Jamie watched Justin Bieber transition through his youth and develop into the artist that he is today. His videos shaped Jamie's desire to share her singing with the world.

"It was fun at first," she said, but I didn't think I would get the reaction I got from people. The first YouTube videos I hosted were requests, it was a spirit of the moment thing."

In addition to being a cover artist, Jamie also writes music of her own. She admitted that posting her original songs can be a more daunting task than posting a cover.

"Uploading original material is a lot more personal," she said. "My single 'Puppeteer' is something I've gone through, something that has molded and shaped me. It's really personal."

When it comes to covers, she sticks to songs she loves and appreciates. She knows the fans will love them too.

Which artists would Jamie love to collaborate with? She had three top choices.

"First, Christina Aguilera," Jamie said. "Her voice is incredible to me, I feel like she's been in the industry for so long, and she's so knowledgeable. I'd love to have a conversation with her."

"The second person is completely different," she said. "I'd love to work with David Guetta. I'm really into the whole dub-step and trance that's going on now. I like the feel of how he incorporates such beautiful songs into something that's hot. I really love his production and how he brings to life whatever he sets his mind to."

"Lastly, Beyoncé," Jamie said. "She's a powerhouse, and she's been in the industry for so long."

Since elementary school, Jamie was in chorus and choir. It has always had a big impact on her life.

"I've seen how [music has] changed kids," she said. "It's brought them to the center of happiness. If there's a problem going on at home they walk into music class and it melts away. It's  medication to them, and I'm one of those people."

Jamie Charoen is dedicated to raising money to fund music programs for school. Music classes have had such an impact on her life that she feels every student should have access to such programs.

"School doesn't give you the opportunity to let out your feelings," she said.  "Maybe it's the reason why kids are feeling the way they're feeling, turning to violence. I've read that schools with music programs have higher graduation rates. I'm so glad my school had that option for me that's where I first started."

She's also passionate about helping to end world hunger. In her home country of Thailand, she's seen hungry children living in terrible conditions and wants to do something about it.

"When I've gone back to Thiland I've seen kids the age of my little brother on the side of the street not having anything to eat," she said. "We would look at those conditions and say 'that's not water you can drink,' 'that's not a river you can fish out of.' But kids are fishing for food on the side of a literally black river that looks like tar. It breaks my heart. They have to live like that and go through their lives. We have it better so we need to lend a hand if we are able to help"

One of her favorite quotes is "Don't let small indeed people tell you that your dreams are too big." She said that she was only able to succeed because she ignored the people who said she couldn't do what they wanted to do.

"If you're trying to be a doctor or dancer or singer, people will tell or hint to you that what you're doing is wrong," she said. "They say that your dreams are too huge for you to accomplish. The more you hear it the more you look at yourself in the mirror and doubt yourself. But you have to keep believing in yourself and your talent and your self-worth because everyone has a voice and everyone is worth it."

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