How to Master the Wet Makeup Look According to Celebrity Makeup Artist Jamie Dorman

If you've fallen madly in love with the wet and dewy makeup look that's currently all over Instagram, you definitely aren't alone.

This exquisite look is all about conveying a certain glow, and we're obsessed with the way it looks, but we had some questions about how to make it work. We were lucky enough to get in touch with celebrity makeup artist Jamie Dorman (whose clients include Gigi Hadid, Anne Hathaway, Camila Cabello and more) to find out how to get the look at home—and how to avoid looking like a greasy mess in the process. Keep reading to discover her top tips.

Sweety High: What do you think it is about the dewy, wet look that's really captivating people at the moment? What do your celebrity clients love about the way it looks?

Jamie Dorman: Wet textured skin makes skin look smoother and younger. It hides the texture of wrinkles and makes skin look tighter. My celebrity clients love this look because it makes them look fresh, healthy and flawless.


SH: What are your top tips for achieving the look? Do you have any favorite products to use, and in what order? Any major dos or don'ts?

JD: Some of my favorite products to use for a wet look are a moisturizing balm to use on brow bones, cheekbones and anywhere I want a shine without glitter. I like LOLI Beauty Date Nut Brûlée ($48) nourishing miracle balm.

LOLI date nut brulee

(via LOLI)

I also love a liquid highlighter for an extra sheen without looking heavy, like Crabtree & Evelyn Sunbeam Glow Drops ($36).

Crabtree & Evelyn Sunbream Glow drops

(via Crabtree & Evelyn)

For lips, I can make any lip color a wet, glossy texture with Skingasm Hey Matte, Let's Get Wette ($24), a double-sided balm with a glossy and a matte side. I love the glossy side for this kind of look.

Skingasm lets get wette

(via Skingasm)


SH: How important is it to have hydrated skin when you're going for dewy makeup?

JD: When I prepare the skin to do a wet look, I make sure to prep the skin well. First I use a hydrating mist on the skin. I use Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner( $29). I follow this with a serum or moisturizer that locks in moisture, like Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base ($64). If my client has particularly dry skin I will follow that with a face oil massaged into the skin. LOLI Beauty Plum Elixir ($68) is in my kit now. This all makes a huge difference as to how the foundation texture turns out and how long the wet effect lasts.


SH: Do you have any tips for making the look appear glossy and chic, rather than oily?

JD: To avoid this look from entering greasy and messy territory rather than glowy, make sure the skin is perfected. Cover up redness and acne well. Acne and other raised bumps on the skin should be powdered and matte. Make sure to blend the edges of highlighter or balm on skin well into the more satin or matte finishes on the face. Keep areas like forehead, nose and area around the nose and chin low on shine. Even if you want the whole face to look dewy, have less shine on those areas that tend to get the most light reflection.


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