Jamie Miller Breaks Down Every Song on His New Broken Memories EP

Singer-songwriter Jamie Miller is a bona fide star, and with the release of his new EP, Broken Memories, we don't think it's long before he becomes a household name.

The Welsh-born, L.A.-based musician has been dropping hit after hit, from "City That Never Sleeps" to "Here's Your Perfect" to "I Lost Myself in Loving You," and it's no surprise that he's become a viral sensation. He's also about to head off on The "New Stage" 2022 Tour with Jesse McCartney in May—and we got the chance to chat with Jamie and have him break down every track, and its lyrics, for us. Keep reading to discover what he revealed.

'Last Call'

Jamie Miller: I wrote "Last Call" at a time when I was so happy and in love and wanting to capture the feeling of being someone's last and first call. I wanted it to feel nostalgic, with the thrill of both wanting someone and being wanted back by that same person.



JM: We started it in the room playing piano while just telling each other our favorite love stories, whether that was us in the room or our grandparents, and I feel like it's just a beautiful love song. I felt that at one point and trying to capture it was so easy.

It means a lot because I remember how happy I was in the moment whilst writing it—kinda miss that day sometimes.

Jamie's Favorite Lyric

"When we are 99, your hand in mine, a whole lifetime of you and me in love still won't be long enough." When you find that one person, even forever won't be long enough.

Jamie Miller in a New York City Bar: Jimmy Fontaine

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'Here's Your Perfect'

JM: I went into my first session and finally spoke up. I always used to let the room dictate what I was going to write. This one wasn't that way.

This was one of the first songs I wrote in Los Angeles that I was a part of, and it will always hold a special place in my heart because of that reason alone.

Jamie's Favorite Lyric

"I'm the first to say that I'm not perfect and you're the first to say you want the best thing." I could never understand how giving my best was never enough. It was hard.


'I Lost Myself In Loving You'

JM: This was probably the fastest song I've written. I remember writing this at the end of last year, and honestly, I had hit rock bottom. I think the pressure of everything was so loud in my head that I was just like so lost—so yeah, I just put feelings to paper.

It takes me back to a time where I was feeling the lowest I've ever felt, and looking back, I didn't think I'd ever get out of it. But I have, and it showed me that.

Jamie's Favorite Lyric

"I was there when you needed saving, but you wouldn't do the same thing." That hit hard for me. I think it's in the lyric why it means so much.




'It Is What It Is'

JM: It started with electric guitar and we all just jammed over the guitar belt. I came in with a concept of how everyone uses "It is what it is," and I wanted to turn that around.

It's a breakup anthem and I was really just feeling myself on the day knowing I could overcome such a hard situation

Jamie's Favorite Lyric

"You won't find the words that will ever fix my heart coz the day I fell for you was the day I fell apart." I just love the message behind it knowing I'm okay now.

(Broken Memories via Atlantic Records)


'Over You'

JM: I went into the studio with Rob Grimaldi, who's an incredible producer, and I just started asking him to play a beat in the room. Me and my co-writer Andrea just started shouting lyrics, and it was mid-breakup so I was in my feels.

I remember writing this at a time where I was so sad. But I wanted to get off my chest everything I was feeling, and I think it captures this.

Jamie's Favorite Lyric

"And I hate that I'm wondering why you're still not calling." This lyric came about because I was at a place where I was like, damn—I'm out of the breakup and they've totally forgotten about me, why why why. I couldn't really process it.

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