Jane Iredale's New Beyond Lash Volumizing Mascara Is Finally Here, and It's Amazing

No makeup look is complete without some killer mascara, don't you think?

I, for one, love a good mascara that ticks all my boxes: volume, longevity, durability and clean ingredients. So, when the team over at Jane Iredale sent me their latest innovation that met all my needs on paper, the Beyond Lash Volumizing Mascara, I couldn't wait to try it out. Today, Nov. 1, is the first day is available to shop, and I think makeup lovers will without a doubt fall in love. Keep scrolling to find out all about Jane Iredale's Beyond Lash Volumizing Mascara.

Jane Iredale Beyond Lash Volumizing Mascara: $28

Crafted from a 98% naturally-derived formula, this clean mascara is about to make waves in the beauty world. Not only is it made from clean ingredients, but it both nourishes and protects your lashes, too. My favorite part has to be the glossy aspect. Unlike other mascaras that can make lashes look dull and even flaky, Beyond Lash leaves your eyes looking glossy, awake and beautiful.


(via Jane Iredale)

Since Beyond Lash is made from clean ingredients, it can work for even the most sensitive of eyes, even for those who wear contacts! Bamboo stem powder aids with length and volume, basil root extract acts as an antioxidant and helps with fullness, while rice bran wax promises a strong yet flexible coating. Plus, since it's clean, you can rest easy knowing there is no carbon black, parabens or Teflon found in the formula.

I was curious to learn if the mascara would live up to its volumizing name, and it 100% did! If you're dishing out $28 for a little tube of mascara, it better be the best dang mascara out there. And I can truthfully say that's exactly what this is. Out of all the mascaras I've tested out over the years, this one is definitely in the top five (and that's saying something!).


(via Jane Iredale)

Another aspect of the mascara I enjoyed was the wand itself. With bristles in the form of a tapered hourglass wand, it's able to get in between each lash without making it look clumpy. The end result is lashes with maximum volume, no flakes and no smudging. If you're anything like me and manage to get mascara under your eyes or on your lids, the shape of this wand makes mistakes happen less often. It's easy to reach the inner and outer corners without getting mascara on your skin, and even if you do, a simple cotton swab will clean up the mess in a jiffy.

Out of all of the mascaras I've tried, only a few have left me with a clean under-eye area. I'm not sure if it's my skin type or lashes, but it always seems to leave marks under my eyes throughout the day. It's annoying and makes me look rather unkempt. But after putting Beyond Lash to the test, I was ecstatic to find out it stayed put and in place all day long.

At $28 for a bottle, this mascara won't be for everyone. However, if it does fall in your budget or you're willing to splurge a bit, I couldn't recommend Jane Iredale's Beyond Lash enough. If you're going to spend extra money on your makeup, I think the two items you should be willing to do this with are foundation and mascara. You get what you pay for when it comes to Beyond Lash, and I'm already looking forward to putting it on the next time I leave the house!


(via Jane Iredale)


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