Everything You Need to Know About Jane Lu of Showpo

Jane Lu, the founder of Showpo, is someone who needs to be on everyone's radars.

We've been huge fans of Showpo for quite some time now, thanks to the brand's stunning pieces, affordable prices and high-quality materials. We just had to know more about Showpo and the woman behind it all, and Jane was kind enough to answer all of our questions in the interview, below!

Name: Jane Lu

IG handle: @thelazyceo and @showpo

Hometown: Beijing

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

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(Headshot via En Route and Lucy Alcorn)


Fun Facts:

1. Jane left her corporate job to start Showpo.

"I founded Showpo in Sydney in 2010 and took a chance on it after leaving my corporate job. From a garage start-up, Showpo has grown into a global fashion destination with over 120 team members. Today, we are proud to have over 3 million followers across social media platforms and to be shipping to over 100 countries. With 12 successful years under our belt, Showpo is bigger, better, and making a big impact in the fashion industry."

-Jane Lu

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2. When she's in a rush, Jane typically throws on a two-piece pants set because it's "effortless and comfortable."

3. Her first business venture unfortunately failed, but that led to her starting Showpo, which is a major success.

"My first business failed. I actually quit my corporate job for that business, so I was absolutely devastated when it failed. Not only did I lose all my savings, and I was utterly embarrassed, but now I was also unemployed in the middle of the global financial crisis where no one was hiring. By default, I had no other option but to start another business. And that business was Showpo. So even though at the time I thought that failed business was the worst thing to happen to me, it turned out to be the best because it led me to Showpo!"

-Jane Lu


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4. Emily Shak, Olivia Coole and Camilla Coehlo are major style inspirations for Jane.

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5. When Jane quit her corporate job, she didn't tell her parents and faked going to work for six months, when she was really in the process of starting up a business!

"Well, when I first quit that corporate job for my first business, I didn't want to tell my parents about it because I didn't think they would understand. 'Why would you quit this amazing corporate job with a safe paycheck and career trajectory to sell clothes?' So I didn't tell them! And just put on a suit and pretended to go to work everyday (for six months until I eventually moved out of home)! It was particularly hard because my mum also worked in the city, so we had been catching the bus into work together everyday, so I had to keep riding the bus into the city with her even though I had no job to go to."

-Jane Lu

6. She's loving the oversized trend that's been making waves lately.

7. Jane's favorite person to follow on TikTok is Cassey Ho of @Blogilates.

"I always find myself gravitating towards Cassey. She's such an incredible story teller and I instantly get hooked on her unique, innovative and captivating content! You can tell Cassey really cares about her audience and customers, always making them her top priority and center to her brand. It's something that I really admire as a business owner!"

-Jane Lu


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8. She can't get over Showpo's Harleen Dress ($79.95).

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9. Showpo is designed exclusively in Australia.

"I am proud to lead a company that is on a mission to empower our customers to feel confident and be their best selves, authentically and unapologetically. At Showpo, we value body positivity and strive to offer an inclusive range of trend-driven styles designed exclusively in Australia. Our styles are made for everyone and every occasion, and I encourage our customers to embrace their individuality and express themselves in true Showpo fashion."

-Jane Lu

10. Jane is a chameleon when it comes to her personal style, as it changes based on her mood!

11. Her interest in style and fashion grew over time.

"I would say that my interest in style and fashion developed over time, rather than from one specific moment, although working in the corporate world really fueled my need to leave the mundane office looks in the past and be free to express myself daily through fashion. From when I was little, I was always drawn to the way clothing would allow you to express your individuality and embody confidence when walking out the front door. I was fascinated by the different styles, fashion trends and how they could change the way someone felt about themselves. This gradually grew into an obsession that led me to starting Showpo."

-Jane Lu


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12. Jane's husband always gives her the best advice.

"'You're not special,' said to me by my honest but supportive husband! He would say this to me whenever I faced a task that seemed too difficult and I was considering giving up. He would remind me that if other people can do it, there is no special reason that I can't. For example, if I'm too nervous about public speaking, it's his way of telling me to be rational, get over the doubts in my head and just do it! This quote has stuck with me and has been a big motivation for me in my personal and professional life."

-Jane Lu

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