The 8 Best K-Pop Tracks of January 2022

2022 began with a big bang this year, and it didn't take any time at all for all of our favorite K-pop groups to wow us with great new releases in the month of January.

We got some great releases from fresh new groups, artists breaking off from superstar groups to drop hot solo tracks and so much more. If you're curious about what we loved, just keep scrolling to check out our eight favorites from January 2022.

Mamadol (M.M.D.) – 'WooAh HIP'

Brought to us by the reality show Mama The Idol, Mamadol is a group consisting of former female idols from 1st and 2nd gen who are now mothers—and they debuted with a mission to show us that they still got it. Spoiler: they do. Their first (and only) song, "WooAh HIP," is K-pop magic and makes us wish that they were continuing as a group. With an intoxicating bassline, powerful lyrics and style that we can only dream of,  it's perfection. Just as the song says, we want to be like the women of M.M.D.



SEVENTEEN's musical genius WOOZI started 2022 with a bang with his solo track "Ruby." The rock-influenced song was a long time coming and shows off the very best of WOOZI's talent. It's an electric fusion of sounds that, when put together, are, in all honestly, unlike anything words can describe. Like the ruby that WOOZI sings about, this song shines, and we want more.


Kep1er – 'WA DA DA'

Kep1er's debut was one of the most highly anticipated of 2022 so far. Formed on Girl's Planet 999, the nine members released their first mini-album with the title track, "WA DA DA," three days into the new year. With a chorus that gets stuck in your head from how catchy it is, their cosmic girl concept made this debut a joy—and made us automatically fans.


P1Harmony – 'Do It Like This'

P1Harmony is a rookie boy group that has swiftly taken the K-pop world by storm. They get better with each release, as seen with their latest track, "Do It Like This." It's the perfect hype song, with rap verses that go hard and vocals to combat that roughness. Mixed together, it's a solid track, and the group even released an English version of the song.


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GOT the beat – 'Step Back'

First, there was SuperM. Now, SM Entertainment brings us GOT (Girls On Top) the beat. Consisting of members from Girl's Generation (Taeyeon and Hyoyeon), Red Velvet (Wendy and Seulgi), aespa (Karina and Winter), and the iconic BoA, the seven idols released the track "Step Back." Fans got a special treat during SM Town Live 2022: SMCU Express at Kwangya, when the group gave a pre-release performance that blew everyone away. Its catchy beat reminds everyone just how talented these seven women are and that they are, in fact, the girls on top.


PENTAGON – 'Feelin' Like'

With member Jinho returning from his military enlistment, PENTAGON returned with an eight-member comeback. They showed a new and suave side of themselves with mini-album IN:VITE U, allowing their fans to take a look at their new world. With a concept inspired by Greek mythology, their title track, "Feelin' Like," has an addictive and funky beat, showing just how cool PENTAGON is.



If you aren't already familiar with OMEGA X, their latest comeback, LOVE ME LIKE, is a good place to start. The music video for the title track of the same name is a  must-watch. The 11 members captivate with their choreography, and the pop-synth song is an earworm. OMEGA X has shown that they are not letting their second chance at being idols go to waste.


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JINJIN&ROCKY (ASTRO) – 'Just Breathe'

What can be said about ASTRO's JinJin and Rocky that hasn't been said before? The group's main rappers debuted this year as a duo, and what they gave us is a track that deserves to be talked about daily. "Just Breathe" is an energetic retro track that is as much fun to listen to as it is to watch when you look up the music video. Not only do they entertain with insanely fun choreography, but they prove they are dancers, rappers, vocalists and all the above.


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