Everything You Wanted to Know About Never Have I Ever Star Jaren Lewison

Never Have I Ever Season 3 officially drops on Netflix this Friday, Aug. 12, and while this season begins with Devi and Paxton officially in a relationship, we have to say we're firmly Team Ben.

Actor Jaren Lewison plays Ben Gross, Devi's longtime academic rival in the show, and while he started as someone we loved to hate, he's since grown into one of our favorite characters. We're pretty sure there will be further mixups in the love triangle by the end of the new season—and here's everything we learned about Jaren Lewison as our latest Man Crush Monday.

Jaren Lewison trivia Man Crush Monday

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Name: Jaren Miles Lewison

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Birthday: December 9

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Fun Facts:

1. Jaren's favorite song of all time is Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."

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2. He considers sports to be his first love, and is a talented athlete in a number of fields.

"Football is my favorite and I started playing as soon as I could walk. My senior year, I was captain on the varsity team, and we made the playoffs after a long drought and were projected to lose in the first round by 40 points against one of the best teams in the country. We won, and our fans stormed the field! I was also a competitive powerlifter and still lift about six times a week. Recently I've taken up tennis, and I am now absolutely obsessed with that."

-Jaren Lewison


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3. He loves dramas and thriller films.

"I just lose myself in those movies and find them to be the most cathartic."

-Jaren Lewison

4. His favorite dessert is dark chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chips and cookie dough.

5. He is not a big fan of heights.

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6. He always orders his pizza with both sausage and pepperoni.


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7. He believes that inspiration really can be found anywhere.

"My life motto is 'Remember the feeling," which means I try to find inspiration and appreciation for both the seemingly miniscule moments and the scorching successes. But honestly, the majority of those memories are filled with experiences that I share with my incredible friends and family whose unwavering support and kindness inspire me every day."

-Jaren Lewison

8. He's a big country music fan.

"My favorite artist is Luke Combs, and my favorite band is called Tejon Street Corner Thieves, whose sound is a unique blend of blues, folk and country rock."

-Jaren Lewison


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9. He says the biggest misconception people have about him is that he always has it together.

"I am still learning how to navigate the world, and I still have moments where I call my parents and ask, 'What the heck do I do?!' It's so important to recognize that we're all learning as we get older. We need to be kind to ourselves and understand we can't be perfect, there is no such thing."

-Jaren Lewison

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10. It's important to Jaren for people to understand that love and honesty are at the core of everything he does.

"I want them to know that what they're seeing is authentically, unapologetically me, and I truly appreciate each and every single one of them."

-Jaren Lewison


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