Fun Facts You Should Know About YouTube Artist Jasmine Clarke

YouTube may be full so incredible talents, but none are quite like pop and soul singer Jasmine Clarke.

Her covers of top artists including Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd make her stand out our above the rest, and recently we've become totally enamored with her gorgeous original songs.

Keep reading to get to know this ultra-talented girl.

Jasmine Clarke WCW art

(via Instagram)

Name: Jasmine Clarke

Birthplace: Perth, Australia

Birthday: Sept. 13

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. Her favorite emoji is the moon face. She said she doesn't use it very often but "every time I see it, I chuckle." 

2. She has a dog named Yuki that's a total cutie pie, but her true spirit animal is a whale. She mostly credits Finding Dory for this.

3. She's not a fan of horror movies, clowns, insects or plastic surgery. We completely agree—those things are 100% terrifying.

4. When she was younger, she collected Pocky boxes from Japan. If you follow her on Insta, then you've probably also noticed her amazing collection of hats, too!

5. Even though they're hard to track down, green tea Kit Kats are her fave candy because "they're addictive."

6. Wednesdays are the ultimate yuck to her. "I don't know why but it feels further from the end of the week than Monday." We feel the same way, but are instantly cheered up by her amazing covers. Especially this recent rendition of "Shape of You."

7. She's the queen of learning new languages. Currently, she's studying Chinese, Japanese and Korean. And she wants to learn Spanish and French next!

8. We're already obsessed with her voice, but she doesn't just use it for singing. "I like making animal sounds, especially a dolphin's," she revealed. "My ultimate goal would be to sound like a fox." If she sounds as good doing them as she does covering this Ariana Grande tune, we can dig it. 


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