PREMIERE: Jasmine Jordan Shares Her Own Personal Innermission in Powerful New Mini-Documentary

After taking a break from making music, R&B singer-songwriter Jasmine Jordan is back, and she's on a mission to inspire and empower as she shares her truth.

Tomorrow, Jasmine drops the deluxe version of her conceptual 2020 album Innermission, featuring three striking and personal new tracks that tell her story in a whole new light. She's been on a journey, complete with a lot of healing, growth and soul-searching, and the rereleased album comes with a powerful new mini-documentary that dives deeper into Jasmine's tale. You can watch it here before you can see it anywhere else, and keep reading to find out what she shared with us in an interview all about the importance of Innermission.

Inspiring With Innermission

Jasmine Jordan: I hope Innermission inspires everyone to live their most authentic life. I hope it inspires someone to run towards healing, love and hope. As a society, we are so good at putting ourselves down, never feeling good enough; but what we don't realize is that your purpose will never involve you dimming your own light. No one is you and that is your superpower. Forever.

Jasmine Jordan Innermission mini documentary poster

(Image courtesy of Jasmine Jordan)


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What Innermission Means

JJ: Innermission is a title that reflects the decision I've made to become an active participant on my personal healing journey. It's the mission we each are on when committed to becoming our highest selves.


The Themes of Innermission

JJ: The overarching themes are healing, love, heartbreak, mental health, freedom, self-acceptance and self-love. I hope that listeners feel when journeying through this piece of art. I hope it inspires listeners to allow themselves the freedom to explore both positive and negative emotions, to confront the parts of themselves that need to be further examined, the freedom to be imperfect and that it leaves the listener even more curious and engaged in their own healing journey.

Jasmine Jordan flowing scarf against sky

(Image courtesy of Jasmine Jordan)


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Growth and Returning to Music

JJ: Creating music always feels liberating and therapeutic. It's my safe space to dig deep and express all the things going on inside this head of mine. It felt empowering to breathe creative life into the experiences I had just lived, going through the highs and lows of life, traveling and the inspiration pulled from the complexities of relationships. All those things have inspired me and contributed to my evolution. Today, I know myself deeper than ever before. And the music is evolving, too, as a result of it. It's just more honest, raw and confident.


Finding Your Own 'Innermission'

JJ: I would tell everyone looking to go on their own innermission to just start! Don't overthink it but instead, lean in. It's the greatest gift you can give yourself. Therapy is a perfect space to start. I would also say that you should be prepared to extend yourself an abundance of grace, patience, freedom to explore all parts of you with no judgment, forgiveness and love! It won't be a pain-free process because life is full of painful moments. But along the innermission, you find hope and conviction in your purpose and you!

JAsmine Jordan red dress against waves

(Image courtesy of Jasmine Jordan)


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Jasmine's Favorite Song

JJ: "Champion" is one of my favorite songs on the album because it's an affirmation that calls on our strength and perseverance. The energy is high with an incredible horn section and one of my favorite MCs, Dynasty, adding her very special Queen touch. It also ends with a personal voicemail my dad left me years ago reminding me of my power. This song is for those days when you need an extra dose of encouragement and the reminder that you already have everything you need to fly.


What's Next

JJ: I have performances, new music and merch coming soon and you can stay tapped in with me via social media and my website Thank you for all the support!

jasmine jordan standing in field

(Image courtesy of Jasmine Jordan)


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