Jasmine Ortiz Discusses the Journey and Hidden Drake Connections Behind Her New Song '21'

Singer-songwriter and influencer Jasmine Ortiz knows how to get a party started.

Her new song, "21," is a vibrant and optimistic track that celebrates all of the close friends and family who helped her get through the pandemic in one piece, making it just the thing to kick off the summer.

She also filmed the music video on the campus of her college, the University of Miami, following in the footsteps of Drake and his "God's Plan" music video, and we love the results. Curious about how the celebratory song came to be? Just keep scrolling to read our full interview with Jasmine.

Sweety High: What was the songwriting process behind "21"?

Jasmine Ortiz: I was in the studio with my producer Cesar Da Emperor for a week straight to write and record new music, and this song was the last one we ended up making together that week. I started out by coming up with some lyric and melody ideas for the verse, then Cesar came up with the chorus melody and I put words to it. It was a really collaborative and cohesive process.


SH: What does the track mean to you? Was there a specific instance that made you feel you needed to write it?

JO: I just remember feeling so isolated and alone during the initial quarantine that we underwent last March. During that time I leaned very heavily on my friends and we supported each other by having Zoom hangouts or Facetimes. Then, for the fall semester of school, I moved to L.A. to continue pursuing my career out here and take advantage of opportunities that were opening up, so it was very hard to feel connected with my college friends when the majority of them went back to school in person while I remained online. For the spring semester, I returned to Miami and truly felt welcomed back into open arms. It was amazing not having seen most of my friends in 10 months and then bouncing right back to where we left off. This song was really inspired by that transition period back into normal school life and into seeing my closest friends in person again after so long. It's about reminiscing on our good times in the past and getting excited to make more memories in the future.


SH: How do you personally celebrate the people in your life who inspire and support you?

JO: Loyalty is the biggest thing in the world to me. Regardless of how long I've known you, I think that giving you my loyalty and trust are the ways that I show how much I care about you. I also love to support friends by sharing their projects or attending events that they're a part of. I always go above and beyond for the people I love.


SH: What does the title "21" mean?

JO: It really represents the nostalgia of not being 21 yet and experiencing so many exciting things with my friends, and now all of us finally being 21 and getting to do a whole new exciting set of things and feeling like actual adults embarking on our own journeys in the world of our college life and beyond.


SH: What's your favorite lyric from the track?

JO: "How could I forget all the love? Before I had y'all I had none."


SH: Is there anything else you want people to know about the song?

JO: The video for "21" is very close to my heart because it has all of my closest friends in it and really features the campus of my school, The University of Miami. I was inspired by Drake's "God's Plan" video to shoot on campus, and since I'm a student there it was a really fun process to show some parts of the school that you don't see in "God's Plan." Drake even makes an appearance in the video!

That is especially important as Drake played a part in my choosing the University of Miami. When I auditioned for the Frost School of Music, it was a day after Drake had filmed "God's Plan" at my school. He is one of my absolute favorite artists on the planet and to see his stickers and Drake promo stuff all over the campus, everywhere I went, it felt like it was a sign, like the song says "God's Plan," like it was meant for me to attend this school. When I got accepted and into several other colleges around the country, other top music schools, I was very sure of my choice to attend UM, and indirectly thank Drake for his part in that decision.


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