Jasmine V Decorates Gingerbread House On Food Star!

In our latest episode of Food Star, featuring singer Jasmine V, our hosts, Sophie and Emily Everhard, show us how to make gingerbread houses!

The Everhard sisters chat with their musical guest about holiday traditions, ugly sweater parties and celebrating the winter season in southern California in this holiday themed how-to cooking show.

With the held of Food Star's executive chef, the trio builds and decorates the perfect gingerbread houses, complete with homemade royal icing! They finish off the splendid Sweety High gingerbread house with colored icing, candy, fondant and edible spray paint!

The girls also dish on a new recipe for life, and explain the importance of giving to others and spending time with friends and family!

Jasmine V also takes her turn on the hot seat for a speed round of questions and chats all about songwriting, Twitter and naming her Jasminators!

Watch the episode below to see how you can make your own awesome gingerbread house!

What's your favorite holiday tradition? Join the Sweety High community and tell us!Jasmine V