Definitive Ranking of Jason Derulo's 7 Most Click-Worthy TikToks Amid Quarantine

During these dark days of quarantine, there's been one bright light: Jason Derulo's TikTok account.

Somewhere along the way in his career, the musician transformed into a TikTok master. Like the king he is, he's been sharing all his best content with us peasants for the entire lockdown.

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If you want to view a true TikTok expert, keep scrolling for our definitive ranking of Jason Derulo's most click-worthy TikToks amid quarantine.

7. A Live Snake

In this video, Jason's girlfriend takes the lead. She announces that when someone's one the phone, they'll grab whatever you hand them. She proves her point by first handing Jason a glass of water, followed by a bottle of dish soap. In the last clip, she hands Jason a live snake, which he takes while simultaneously freaking out. While this video is entertaining, we're 99% sure it's staged. It's sort of a fun watch, but it's certainly not our favorite.

@jasonderuloI can't Multitask @jenafrumes ????♬ Fast – Sueco The Child


6. Lava Cake

In addition to his other, more joke-focused videos, Jason often posts videos of himself cooking or baking. In this TikTok, he puts together quite an impressive lava cake. Then, he decides to check his work by calling Gordon Ramsey. At the end of video, he offers Ramsey a taste, and the TikTok switches to the chef's house, where he takes a bite of the cake. Honestly, the video is a bit long for our taste. But it's still interesting to see Jason's cooking skills on full display with a little cameo from our favorite angry chef.

@jasonderuloThe legendary @gordonramsayofficial tasted my ##MilliMeal♬ SAVAGE LOVE. Jason Derulo – jasonderulo


5. Eating Corn

TBH, this video was completely frightening when we first saw it. We've seen people eat corn off of a drill before, but Jason decides to switch things up by pretending to chip off his front teeth from the tool. In hindsight, it's pretty hilarious. At the moment, however, it was fairly disturbing. We'll admit it's a click-worthy video, but it's not one of our favorites.

@jasonderuloDon't try this ????????????♬ original sound – jasonderulo


4. 'Wipe It Down' Challenge

Of course, Jason also has to get in on the popular TikToks of the moment. When he completed his "wipe it down" challenge, however, he took things to the next level. Before he transformed into Spider-Man, he showed himself actually getting bit by a spider. Then, he added plenty of web-slinging special effects to the video. It's one that you only need to watch once, but it's good nonetheless.

@jasonderuloWith great power comes great responsibility ##wipeitdown @maxymaxmax♬ Wipe It Down – BMW KENNY


3. Pancake Stack

Honestly, when we heard "biggest pancake stack," we sort of rolled our eyes. But the video Jason put together was actually pretty impressive. First, he raids the store with his friends after announcing that he's making "the biggest stack of pancakes in the world." Then, he shows off a perfect pancake flip. Finally, he reveals that he actually did make quite a large stack of pancakes. Unfortunately, there's a surprise in store when he drops the last pancake, all set to the tune of "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic. This video is a true gem. We won't watch it over and over again on repeat, but it's still one of our faves.

@jasonderuloThank you for 20 Million! Watch till the end! ##MilliMeals @itsdavidblaker♬ Coño (feat. Jhorrmountain x Adje) – Puri


2. The Sky Is Boring

Part of the reason why Jason's TikTok videos are so addicting is his talent for the app. He can pull off some really cool tricks that we haven't seen before. Don't believe us? This video will change your mind. After announcing that the sky is boring, he transforms the world into his own Stranger Things-themed universe. It's genuinely impressive, which is probably why we've watched this video about 100 times.

@jasonderuloHad to spice things up @maxymaxmax♬ Stranger Things (Main Theme) – I Love TV Themes


1. Losing His Head

This video has been all over the Internet, and for good reason. Set to the tune of Surfaces' "Sunday Best," Jason starts off this TikTok by falling as he walks up the stairs. As he tries to get up, however, his head starts to slip away from him. Totally separate from his body, Jason's head slides down the rail, tries to work its way back up and slides down again. It's such a silly video, but it's so much fun to watch. It's definitely our favorite quarantine entertainment from Jason so far.

@jasonderuloI'm losing my head ???? ????@davidstrib♬ Sunday Best – Surfaces



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