Get to Know Free Reign Star Jaylen Barron Better Than Ever

Free Reign is our latest Netflix binge, and we have to say we're hooked.

Get to know the show's star Jaylen Barron better than ever below!

#WCW Jaylen Barron

(Photo credit: Birdie Thompson)

Full Name: Jaylen Janett Barron

Hometown: La Puente, California

Birthday: Aug. 31

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. She's super passionate about movies. Her most-watched film is 28 Weeks Later. 

2. Thanksgiving is 100% her favorite holiday (for the food).

3. She loves a good nude nail polish.

"It goes with everything and I don't have to change it for castings."

–Jaylen Barron

4. Animals make her really happy and calm any anxiety she ever has. Same.

5. She and her mom have a super close relationship.

"She's always honest with me even if I don't want to hear it sometimes, and she's always got my back."

–Jaylen Barron

6. Her fave animal is a cheetah. Obviously because she's equally as fierce.

7. Her fave scents are lavender, truffle fries and Fabuloso cleaner.


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