Definitive Ranking of Jeffree Star's 5 Most Informative Beauty Reviews

If there's one person who lets everything out on the internet, it's beauty guru Jeffree Star.

The YouTube sensation is known for his often controversial beauty videos, namesake makeup line, no-holds-barred persona and an insane 15 million-person following.

Regardless of where you stand on the polarizing superstar, you can't deny that Jeffree is funny. In fact, he's downright hilarious. His humor, coupled with the fact that he truly does know beauty and skincare, makes his product reviews all the more entertaining, and, of course, informative. Keep reading for a definitive ranking of Jeffree Star's five most informative beauty reviews.

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5. Kylie Skin Product Review

Okay, we know what you're thinking—how could he do an honest product review of Kylie Skin given their tumultuous history? Jeffree seems surprisingly unbiased in this review of the entire Kylie Skin collection, but what really makes this video a hit is his banter with non-beauty blogger Shane Dawson, who even says one of the products smells like Beggin Strips dog treats. You get a step-by-step review of each product in the line, and you learn a lot about the scent and texture.


4. Trying TJ Maxx Makeup For the First Time

Ever picked up makeup at TJ  Maxx? This discount retailer is a great place to snag on-trend clothing items, but is it a place to find products for your face? Jeffree shows us his TJ Maxx haul in this video, along with product reviews and a full makeup application—and some of his findings might shock you.


3. Fenty Beauty Concealer

What we love about Jeffree is he's not afraid to spill the tea, especially around super hyped products and brands with celebrity founders. His review of Fenty Beauty's concealer and setting powder is particularly interesting because you get to see firsthand how the product spreads and blends. He also breaks down the pricing for both the concealer and the concealer brush and sheds his beauty founder insight on whether or not the items are overpriced.


2. Pizza Eyeshadow Palette Product Review

You've seen the Glamlite Pizza Eyeshadow Palette all over Instagram–but is it Jeffree Star approved? In this super informative product review, Jeffree creates an electric eye look using eight shades from the pizza palette. We also get his detailed feedback on the shadow formula. Watching this will definitely help you make up your mind on investing in this $40 palette.


1. $14.99 Drugstore Bronzer versus $85 La Mer

More expensive doesn't always mean better, and Jeffree proves that in this super informative product review where he tries out a $15 Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer on one side and an incredibly pricey $85 La Mer bronzer-blush-highlighter hybrid on the other side. He gives a full review of both products and then puts them to the wear test, and honestly you really can't tell the difference!


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