8 Cheerful Lyrics From Jena Rose's 'Being Good is Boring' to Use as Instagram Captions

On July 29, Jena Rose released her sophomore single, "Being Good is Boring," and we have been streaming it nonstop ever since.

The easygoing pop track is the perfect summer party anthem and exudes confidence and happiness. If you love a spontaneous nighttime adventure with your best friends or falling in love and dancing with strangers, you probably relate to Jena's lyrics. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite lines in "Being Good is Boring" that describe those unforgettable moments in life and can also be used as Instagram captions.

For the mirror selfie you took in that new dress you bought:

"Little dress, a little tight."

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("Being Good Is Boring" via Gem Street Music)


For when you're falling in love with someone who you know is bad for you:

"Maybe that isn't right, but I want it."


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For when you're feeling no regrets about all those crazy memories you made:

"I'm not better for it, but being good is boring."


For when you never wanted the night out to end:

"Staying out 'til the morning, it makes me want more."

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For when you feel like breaking all of the rules:

"I'm the king of being bad."


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For the pic your mother would never approve of:

"Sorry mom, it makes you mad."


For when you can't stop crushing on that cute mystery stranger:

"Wish that I could ignore it, this almost feels like love."

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For the photo carousel of all the fun memories you made when you stayed out late:

"Don't want to sleep until I'm dead."


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