Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Singer-Songwriter Jena Rose

We adore singer-songwriter Jena Rose not just for her incredible talents as a singer and performer, but also for the positivity she exudes, both inside and out.

Her hit single, "Forever Yours" featuring Casper Mágico, has been on repeat ever since we first listened last summer, and we are super excited to know that some big things are in the works from this talented and fabulous artist. We simply knew we had to make her our Woman Crush Wednesday. Keep reading to discover all of the best facts about the star.

Jena Rose Woman Crush Wednesday

(Image courtesy of Jena Rose)

Name: Jena Rose

Hometown: Plano, Texas

Birthday: January 12

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Fun Facts:

1. Jena is secretly a home-finding guru.

"I love real estate and have found many of my friends and family's houses and apartments! It's so fun!"

-Jena Rose

2. True crime podcasts are kind of her thing.

"I love the psychology behind it and am weird like that. So ask me about serial killers and I'll probably have answers!"

-Jena Rose

3. She finds inspiration everywhere, whether it's her life, the lives of her friends and family, TV shows and movies, or simply the things in the world that catch her eye.

4. Her best school subject is English, and her worst—by far—is science.

5. Most people don't know this, but she's a massive Depeche Mode fan.

"Love them and so many other '80s bands and artists."

-Jena Rose

6. Her weirdest habit is probably putting clothing in her cart when she online shops, knowing full well that she has no intentions to buy them.

7. She loves a plain and simple cheese pizza.

8. She says she's closer to her parents than anyone else.

"My parents are my rock. Both of them have supported my dreams and are my heroes!"

-Jena Rose

9. She thinks she's seen Shark Boy and Lava Girl more than 100 times.

"No joke. I was obsessed (and still am)."

-Jena Rose

10. Her music has left a pretty massive impact on her fans.

"A fan came up to me at one of my shows and told me that my song saved their life. As a songwriter and artist, that is the biggest compliment and I cried so much after."

-Jena Rose

11. A life motto has gotten Jena pretty far.

"I've gone through life living by the quote, 'Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.' There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you do what you love while keeping an open heart and mind. Follow your dreams!"

-Jena Rose


Adore Jena as much as we do? Click HERE to watch Jena Rose's stunning music video for "Forever Yours."