Jenga Cat Borrows a Block- Video Pick Of the Day!

This Jenga cat gracefully takes a block from the tower

This pretty kitty Shirkhan might as well be named Jenga Cat! Watch as he skillfully nabs a block from the top of the Jenga tower!

Jenga comes from the Swahili word for "to build." In the game the rectangular wooden  pieces are stacked in layers of three blocks into a tall tower. The objective is to remove a block from somewhere in the middle of the tower, and then to place that block atop the tower.

This Jenga cat isn't playing the game exactly by the rules… but he's not doing too bad of a job! Maybe he needs to just put his block back!

One study shows that cats will often imitate their human companions. Sometimes that behavior is as simple as copying speech, but we think that cats could copy the general concept of Jenga too!