25 Times Jennifer Lawrence Was the Best Ever On Her 25th Birthday

Today should basically be a worldwide holiday because it is Jennifer Lawrence's birthday–party time! In honor of our queen's very important day, we put together a little list of why we're so in love with one of our favorite movie heroines of all time. Prepare to get your LOL on.

1. Her Taylor Swift photobomb puts all other photobombs to shame.

2. We were so down with her wanting to have a Mean Girls moment and share her award with everyone.

3. Katniss is one of the best characters to ever grace the pages, and we can't think of anyone one else who could bring the realness to screen like Jennifer.

4. And Jennifer actually truly learned archery for the role, because she's method like that.

5. She's the queen of body positivity and made it her mission that Katniss would never set an unrealistic expectation for girls' bodies.

6. And basically shut down everyone who thinks it's their business to know how much a celebrity, or anyone for that matter, weights.

7. Like any true artist, Jen has one very serious thing on her mind when filming a scene–food.

8. She pretty much just thinks about food all the time. Same.

9. Basically, those priorities are in the right place.

10. No matter where she is, she always has one of the best looks on the carpet.

11. And since her gown at last year's show was red, she didn't have to worry about pizza sauce stains!

 12. We don't know what her backward necklace thing is all about, but we're totally on board.

(via Ben David Jewelers)

13. That time she met her idol Jeff Bridges and ran away from him, priceless.

14. And every time she cuts off her hair, it looks so good we want to chop off all of ours, too.

15. She actually makes us wish we had scaly blue skin so we could be as fierce as Mystique.

16. Sometimes, Jennifer makes a face and you just know that she would get you.

17. It's kind of impossible not to be inspired by her.

18. We are jealous of her friendship with Josh Hutcherson every day of our lives.

19. SERIOUSLY. They are the best.

20. Only J. Law could make wearing chopsticks in your mouth like a walrus while walking down the streets of New York look so chic.

21. She can trip and fall at endless awards show and we'll still think she's one of the most graceful and amazing people on the planet.

22. And even though she's constantly being nominated for more Oscars, we don't think it'll ever go to her head.

23. She knows EXACTLY what to say at all the right times.

24. She's a major, major bookworm who spends her downtime on set devouring books.

25. And let's talk about how she's literally every single one of us when talking about our celeb crush.


You are our spirit animal, Jen! We hope all your birthday wishes come true. Leave your own birthday message for Jennifer in the comments below.