J-Lo Curated a Self-Love Subscription Box, and We Got It First!

When it comes to taste, Jennifer Lopez's is impeccable—so when I heard she curated a limited-edition Santosha self-love Solbox, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

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The team at J-Lo-backed athleisure brand Niyama Sol was kind enough to send me a seven-product box for review, and there's literally nothing in it that I won't use.

The Products

This box is just one of Niyama Sol's quarter-yearly curations, which are each devoted to wellness and spirituality. While they're a bit pricier than the average subscription box ($95 each), you definitely get your money's worth.

The total of the Niyama Sol leggings and QUAY sunnies alone cost $148, so with the other products tacked on (booty masks from Bawdy Beauty, samples from Four Sigmatic, incense sticks from House of Intuition, a rhodonite necklace from Soulku and a canvas tote with an empowering slogan), you're looking at a total value of approximately $200.



The Niyama Sol leggings and QUAY x JLO sunnies are obviously the standouts in the box, and based on already owning items from both brands, I can say comfort and ease are guaranteed for each. The leggings are insanely soft (you can seriously sleep in them), not too tight, but yet fitting in all the right places. And QUAY shades are the affordable, chic and protective eye accessories every girl needs. I worked out in my leggings yesterday, and aside from how they feel, they made quite the statement with their bold, colorful (and brand-new!) leopard print.

TBH, the first thing I really noticed in the box was the aroma from the 20-pack of "Love"-scented incense from House of Intuition. I went to the website and couldn't find any information on the origin of their fragrance, but they smell super light and fresh, and really unlike anything I'd smelled before. I lit a stick before I went to bed last night and set some loving intentions. I have yet to try the booty masks, but they are all the rage these days, so I plan to give them a whirl this weekend (after all, I've tried every other mask out there—what's one more?).


Bottom Line

With self-love in mind, this box truly helps you embody just that. From the flattering leggings and sunglasses to the necklace and incense made to help spread positive vibes, I can't really think of anything missing. Additionally, you can't go wrong with stamps of approval from J-Lo. The only potential issue with the box is the price tag, but seriously, with everything you get, it's worth the cost. Because the Solbox only comes to you four times a year, you have three full months to save up for each delivery.

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