12-year-old chess master Jennifer Yu won recently became the first American girl to win a world chess title in 27 years!jennifer yu chess champion

In September, Jennifer attended the World Youth Chess Championships in Durban, South Africa, taking home the world title in the girls 12-and-under group. The fear made her the first girl from the U.S. to win a world title in nearly three decades!

Jennifer first started playing in first grade, casually taking lessons and entering small tournaments for kids. Her parents didn’t really take notice until just before the family moved across the country, when a coach spoke to her parents and insisted she continue with a coach to hone her incredible skills once she moved!

Over time, her skills continued to grow, until she really mastered the game in the 5th grade. At the championships in Durban, Jennifer took part in 11 matches, winning nine and drawing in the other two!

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