Jeopardy's Kids Week References Our Favorite Shows!

This week was Kids Week on the trivia quiz show Jeopardy, and fans spotted references to a couple of our favorite shows in the questions!jeopardy kids week austin & ally

It started on December 2, when the $800 clue in the See TV category was "You'll get an 'A' for effort knowing this Disney Channel title duo, a musician & a songwriter."

As you probably guessed, the correct response was Austin & Ally! Raini Rodriguez expressed her excitement about the question on Twitter! 

The next day, the $800 clue in the Making You Watch Television category referenced The Thundermans!

The clue was "Phoebe & Max are brother & sister on this Nick show about a family of superheroes trying to fit in."jeopardy kids week thundermans

But this isn't the first time our favorite Disney and Nick shows were represented on Kids Week. On August 23 of 2013, Ross Lynch was the answer a Jeopardy question. 

Check out the clip below and let us know what kind of Jeopardy questions you would write about your favorite shows in the comments below and at Sweety High!