Jeremy Shada's Top 5 Favorite Adventure Time Characters!

Earlier this week, we shared interviews Adventure Time star Jeremy Shada on the show, his character Finn, and his band, Make Out Monday. Today, Jeremy lists his top 5 favorite Adventure Time characters!adventure time jeremy shada adventure time top 5 characters

For my number one, I kind of have to say Finn, just because I love playing him. He's awesome. I don't think I even need to put an explanation for him. finn jeremy shada top 5 adventure time characters

A close second is definitely the Ice King. I love what Tom Kenny has done with the Ice King. I love the voice and everything and I love that he started out as this kind of main villain, and now he's trying to be best friends with Finn and Jake. Whenever he does a scene, it's awesome because Tom Kenny, who plays the Ice King, also plays Gunther and so he'll have conversations with himself. It's hilarious and I love the voice he has for king  jeremy shada top 5 adventure time characters

I also love Jake, obviously. The chemistry between me and John [DiMaggio] is awesome and it definitely shows through. We're good friends even in real life. Jake is like the crazy uncle that will hang out with you and try to give you advice that's not always the best advice, which is awesome. jake the dog  jeremy shada top 5 adventure time characters

I like Cinnamon Bun a lot, because Cinnamon Bun is just this super ignorant character who's also like on the verge of having anger management issues for no reason. cinnamon bun  jeremy shada top 5 adventure time characters

I think that's four so far… This is hard! The whole cast is so great. I guess I like Lumpy Space Princess because she's such a diva, and the fact that Pen [Ward] plays her is just hilarious. I love watching him record it. He get super embarrassed when he has to record, so he'll try to come in after we're done and just record separately. But a lot of the time we just stick around and watch anyway. lumpy space princess  jeremy shada top 5 adventure time characters

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