Jersey To Be Bella Thorne's Debut EP!

Bella Thorne took to Instagram earlier this week to make an announcement about her debut EP, Jersey!

bella thorne debut ep jerseyLike the "Call It Whatever" single art, the EP cover for Jersey features Bella in a personalized white jersey with teal, purple and red accents, plus a stick coated in colorful cotton candy. Her jersey reads "Bella 97," referring to her name and the year she was born!

Though the official week broke just this week, Bella has been teasing the EP for a while now.

"If you are worthy, if you deserve me, get my name and number like the back of my jersey" Bella wrote on in Instagram post back in March. We can't wait to hear the song these lyrics belong to!

Jersey will be Bella's first EP ever and will release on November 17. Share your excitement in the comments below!

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