Jessica Sanchez’s new track “This Love” is an anthem for anyone who’s ever been in love, and he new official music video is the song’s perfect match!jessica sanchez this love music video

Jessica Sanchez was a fan favorite on season 11 of American Idol, where she was the runner-up! Her latest release is a song about a classic love, with a video directed by Gab Valenciano, who also directed Beyonce’s “7/11” music video!

The video takes us through the perfect endless day of dates from the point of view of Jessica’s beau! It’s absolutely full of some of the sweetest moments we’ve ever seen on film. We’ve picked out our favorites below!

1. Beginning the date with a dozen flawless red roses! jessica sanchez this love roses

2. Running through LACMA’s gorgeous “Urban Light” installation!  jessica sanchez this love urban light

3. This high-flying thrill ride! jessica sanchez fair ride this love

4. Defying gravity with this playful spin!jessica sanchez this love

5. Owning the bowling alley with perfect form!jessica sanchez this love bowling

6. An extra hand (or two) of support for a reluctant roller skater!jessica sanchez this love rollerskating

7. This unforgettable beach sunset!jessica sanchez beach sunset this love

8. Reliving all of those beautiful moments caught on video!jessica sanchez this love bed

What’s your favorite moment from “This Love”? Let us know in the comments below, and if you love Jessica Sanchez, be sure to join our community at Sweety High!