YouTube Star Jessie Paege Reveals Her First Concert, Mad Guitar Skills and Celeb Twin

We honestly don't think you even need any more reasons to be obsessed with Jessie Paege, but we're about to give you a few anyway.

The YouTube cutie is our #WCW this week and she had a lot to share with us about life outside of her channel of one million subscribers.

Keep reading for Jessie's first concert, natural hair color and celeb doppelgänger!

Jessie Paege #WCW art

(Courtesy of Jessie Paege)

Name: Jessie Paege

Birthplace: New Jersey

Birthday: March 12

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Fun Facts:

1. She knows her way around a guitar. "I've played the electric and acoustic guitar for seven years and I taught myself!" she told Sweety High. "I love playing Muse and MCR." She recently shared a pic of her brand new instrument and all we have to say is wow. ????

2. Like us, she is a major fan of dogs. She even said she has had them her whole life. With a dog like her pup Chloe, who wouldn't be a fan!?

3. Her very first concert was a Black Eyed Peas show, but she admitted she went just for Fergie. We don't blame her at all, any girl who understands our love for Fergie is automatically our soul sister, TBH.

4. She has a celeb twin. "When I was little, I got told every day I looked like Miley Cyrus," she shared. We totally see the resemblance, especially in this pic. We think it's the braids, Jessie. ????

5. She fangirled over other YouTubers before becoming one herself. "I met Bethany Mota, Miranda Sings, and Tyler Oakley at separate meet and greets," she said.

6. We dig her mermaid hair, but she is naturally a brunette. She even joked, "I get told I look like cartoon characters!" She is still the ultimate cutie with brown hair, too, though.

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7. She and her dad have a wicked sense of humor. "As a joke, my dad and I made a fitness-themed Instagram account for my dog!" she said. "It involves a lot of sarcasm." We're not going to lie, even though these tips are for dogs, we might try them out ourselves.????


Jessie makes YouTube a million times better, but we also can't forget about THESE times Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" made TV and movies better, too.