Jill Cimorelli, also known as perpetualxbeauty, is a YouTuber with an awesome sense of style, knack for do-it-yourself videos, and sweet sense of approachability that makes instant fans out of anyone who watches her videos.Jill Cimorelli

Jill spoke about how she first became a beauty guru and about what motivates her in a recent interview!

Jill first became very interested in makeup and fashion when she was just a freshman in high school. About halfway through the school year, Jill and her best friend, Kaitlin, created a beauty channel together.

When Kaitlin went away for school, the channel ended, but Jill was still motivated to share her beauty knowledge with the world. A few months later she started the hit channel, perpetualxbeauty. The channel celebrated its 1st anniversary on October 12!

Jill loves to watch other beauty videos online for inspiration. She borrows the themes of her favorite videos and recreates them with her own unique spin!

Her favorite videos to create are “do it yourself” tutorials.

“They’re so much fun to make,” she said. “I get to keep whatever cool thing I made, and my subscribers love them!” she explained.

Jill recently hit the 30,000 subscriber mark. Jill celebrated at the largest candy shop in the world with her friends Kylr, Dannah, and Randy!

“It was the most incredible experience,” she said. “To have so many more people watching my videos was so exciting and overwhelming!” she said.

Jill’s new subscribers and devoted fans are her biggest motivation to continue with hair tutorials, school DIYs, fashion tip videos and more.

“I love putting out new content for them!” she said.

She also continues to make videos because it’s her passion and something she absolutely loves to do.

“It’s almost never a burden to have to record a video,” she said. “It’s fun!”

Jill is also passionate about acting. She’s an acting major, and she recently moved to L.A. for school.

“Nothing makes me happier than being on stage or on film,” Jill explained. “It’s totally so much fun and you meet the best people doing it. It’s a great way to break out of your shell too if you’re a bit shy. It forces you into talking to people and communication with them.”

Not only does Jill excel as an actress, but she’s managed to maintain a 3.9 GPA in college.

“It’s not because I’m super smart,” Jill said. “If you work really hard you can do awesome in any class!”

Jill’s favorite beauty gurus include Tanya Burr, Zoella, and Nikki Phillippi.

“They’re all so cute and it seems like they don’t get sucked into the beauty world too much,” Jill explained.

She’s also inspired by actresses Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence.

“They’re both so funny!” she said. “I get a lot of comments saying that I remind them of Emma Stone. Best compliment ever!”

While maintaining a beauty and fashion channel is a lot of fun for Jill, it also takes a lot of hard work. Aspiring gurus must maintain a balance of fun and dedication.

“Keep going!” she advised. “I totally understand how frustrating it is getting started. It’s hard to get noticed in a community like this because there’s sooo many of us, but if you stick to it you’ll get there.”

Most of all, Jill adores her fans.

“They don’t even feel like my fans,” she said. “They’re my friends!”

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P.S. If you were wondering, Jill Cimorelli told us that she is a cousin twice-removed to the famous Cimorelli sisters!

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