Everything You Should Know About TikTok Influencer and Activist Jimena Jimenez

Mexican TikTok star and social media influencer Jimena Jimenez knows how to captivate her audience—and her 18 million TikTok fans are proof of that.

Whether she's posting memes, or dancing and lip-syncing to the latest hot sounds, she's someone who's relatable and an inspiration all at once—and the fact that she also is an activist who strives to bring awareness to great causes like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge makes us love her even more.

Adore Jimena as much as we do? Keep reading to find out all about her, and discover the reasons she's our Woman Crush Wednesday.

Jimena Jimenez Woman Crush Wednesday

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Name: Jimena Jimenez Ramirez

Hometown: Querétaro, México

Birthday: July 19

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Fun Facts:

1. Jimena relates to Moana more than any other Disney character.

"She is determined, she does things how she wants, nobody is bossing her to follow her dreams and she never gives up."

-Jimena Jimenez

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2. She's closer to her mom than anyone else.

"I know what she has gone through and she didn't need a daughter, she needed a friend, so I became her friend to be with her, listen to her, help her and support her in everything she does."

-Jimena Jimenez

3. She's the oldest child in her family, and has one younger sister.

"I think it impacted me as a protective person because I will always see my sister as a baby and always try to take care of her."

-Jimena Jimenez

4. Lately, she hasn't taken "Friends" by Chase Atlantic off repeat.

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5. She's amazing at making friends really quickly.

"When I go to a party, I end up being everyone's new best friend."

-Jimena Jimenez

6. Her dad is her biggest hero.

7. Mom jeans are her current clothing obsession.

8. The show she binge-watched most recently was Who Killed Sara?

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9. Jimena wants everyone to know that the Jimena you see on social media is exactly who she is in real life.

"I've always thought that a good influencer is a real person. I'm not perfect, and people think I am just because I have followers, so I always assure to show myself as who I really am."

-Jimena Jimenez


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