How Singer-Songwriter JJ Lin Brought His Gorgeous Anne-Marie Duet 'Bedroom' to Life

Singaporean Mandopop sensation JJ Lin is an incredible talent with one of the best voices in the business, and his latest release, a duet called "Bedroom" with singer-songwriter Anne-Marie, is an absolute must-listen.

In fact, the song—a powerful, heartrending breakup sung from two perspectives—has sunk its hooks into us so deeply that we simply had to learn all about it. How did these two wonderfully complementary voices join forces, and what does the song really mean to JJ? We got the opportunity to ask him directly to find out all about it.

Sweety High: What was the recording process of "Bedroom" like? Was it a socially distanced recording?

JJ Lin: Yeah, we had to do it separately in our own studios in our own time—quite used to working over the cloud, actually.

However, it didn't feel at all distant, because the essence of the song and Anne-Marie's vocals were so cut through and emotionally tugging that every time I hit the record key, it like I was in the studio with her beside me.


SH: What does the song mean to you? Do you feel like you've been in a similar situation to the one described in the song?

JJL: Haven't we all?

The song cuts straight into the turning point in the healing process of letting go of someone you once held so close to your heart. To me, I imagine two individuals singing the song to themselves in the mirror about their broken hearts, in parallel dimensions.

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SH: How does this song differ from what you've released in the past?

JJL: It is such a direct and honest song. As a duet, it's kind of fresh to me to be singing in the same key as Anne-Marie—very challenging technically as well as emotionally, having to sing the same words but coming from a very different perspective.


SH: How did this collaboration with Anne-Marie come about? What do you think her unique voice lends to the track?

JJL: I was in the midst of finishing up my English EP when Warner Music came to me with the idea of collaborating with Anne-Marie. I was totally blown away when I first heard the demo, and I really appreciate the team's efforts to help make this come together.

Anne-Marie's vocals set the perspective and mood of the song with her first line "Oh, why you look so sad?" It's the kind of feeling when you say "I am okay," and it usually only means you're not okay. Hence when it was my turn to sing, I felt an inclination to go more gently during the verse.

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SH: Why do you think the two of you worked so well together?

JJL: I believe there is soul and power in music, and that it transcends all barriers. I also feel that we share certain similarities in the way we view life and music. We are both not afraid to explore and see every opportunity as a chance to grow and evolve as musicians.


SH: Do you have a favorite lyric from the song? What is it, and why?

JJL: "You used to be the strongest of us two, now look at you sitting there." It's just such a bittersweet and sad picture, it's a painful clash of emotions, and I can really feel the desire to reach out and provide some sort of consolation. At the same time, it's also a cry of pain from my own brokenness.

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SH: What has it been like to release your first English-language album? How have fans been responding so far?

JJL: I'm just taking every step like a debuting artist, and appreciate all the love and support that the fans have given me. I feel very refreshed and ready to explore deeper in this new dimension of my music career.


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