The Official DOs and DON'Ts of What to Wear to Your First Job Interview

Preparing for your first job interview is all sorts of exciting and nerve-racking.

Whether you land an interview for a retail position, as a hostess or even an internship at a company, first impressions are important. Just because one job may not seem as fancy or important doesn't mean you have an excuse to give up on your appearance. One of the first things we notice when we meet someone is what they look like in their outfit.

So, when you head to your very first job interview, keep these style DOs and DON'Ts in mind:


DO Wear a Light Body Mist. DON'T Overdo It With Perfume:

The last thing anyone wants is to be known as the person who seemingly poured an entire bottle of perfume on their body. While we do love our scents, a job interview isn't the time or place to show off your latest heavy-weight fragrance. No matter how glorious it may smell, trust us when we say it will come off way too strong. Imagine if the interviewer started sneezing—how embarrassing! Instead, stick with a light body mist. You'll smell clean without overbearing your potential new boss' senses.

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DO Wear a Blazer. DON'T Wear Blue Jeans:

Throw a blazer over any outfit and you'll automatically elevate your status. The same can be said for a job interview. If you go into it looking like a million bucks, the interviewer will think you're professional and polished. A blazer is the perfect finishing touch for that extra level of pizazz. Don't, however, wear your blazer with a pair of blue jeans. Even though the blazer itself is a great piece, traditional denim is not (in the professional sense). Instead, opt for black denim or a cute skirt.

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DO Wear Minimal Makeup. DON'T Apply Heavy Makeup:

If you don't wear any makeup, more power to you. However, when a job interview is in the works, it's important to put your best face forward. Make sure to thoroughly clean and hydrate your skin if you plan on skipping the makeup. If you do plan on wearing it, however, make sure to do so in a minimalistic manner. Throw on some concealer, blush, clear lipgloss and a light coat of mascara for an interview-worthy look. Avoid heavy eyeliner, intense contouring and dark lipsticks because they're a major distraction.

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DO Wear a Dress or Button-Up. DON'T Wear Anything Low-Cut or Distressed:

In any job interview, it's vital to dress appropriately. Save your crop tops, short shorts and ripped jeans for another time. A great, simple outfit option is a dress. Make sure it's flattering, not too short and covers your cleavage. Feel free to throw on a pair of black tights underneath for a chic addition. However, if dresses aren't your thing, stick with a nice button-up or blouse. It's sure to give off a professional vibe, as long as you keep your bottoms of choice suitable (no rips)!

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