Joe Jonas Is A Big Time Foodie!

Joe Jonas has transformed from a member of a trio pop band to a sophisticated, edgy, and sultry independent man.

Besides music, Joe has also acquired a refined palette when it comes to food. "I want to start a food blog eventually," the middle Jonas revealed. He's a fan of Tim Love, a chef whose rattelsnake tacos Joe claims are "unreal," Susan Feniger, an LA street food connoisseur, and his favorite chefs: Mario Batali and Ferran Adrià.

"I don't really get star-struck ever, but when it comes to chefs, I will sometimes get nervous. If there's a chef I really like, I will freak, because I think their talent is so different from what I do," explained the 22 year old.

From sitting front row at the most talked about fashion shows in New York and Milan to judging 'Top Chef" and getting ready to release his album "Fastlife" on Oct. 11, Joe Jonas is on the fast track to becoming a sophisticated jack of all trades.

But making that transition isn't as easy as it seems.

"They become so identified as a group and so identified as a teen and tween brand, it's hard to prove to people that you've grown up," said Joe Zee, the creative director of Elle. "You're immediately met with a level of skepticism."

Even so, Mr. Zee, says that Joe is on the right track.  "He does it well, with the scruff and the new haircut. He's got all that down pat."

Mr. Zee shares how Joe can step it up: "If he wants to be the Beyoncé of Destiny's Child, he's got to really show that he can grow and mature, and really, to be honest, get an entirely new fan base. Maybe that means growing stubble, but it also means maturing in all levels, in his style and in his sound."

"Fastlife," is Joe's "coming of age" album- it's darker, edgier, and an older Joe. While in the beginning he was thinking of  doing "something almost Michael Bublé or Josh Groban," he ended up going with more of a R & B sound. He's going to start going on tour with Jay Sean and even open up for Britney Spears in Europe .