Joe Jonas Really Wants Taylor Swift Back, But Is Taylor Interested?

Taylor Swift hasn't been shy about sharing her personal life through her music, but when it comes to Joe Jonas, the country singer may not be as vocal.

The starlet was recently interviewed by Kidd Kaddrick and during the interview he revealed details about a conversation with Joe Jonas that mentioned Taylor.

Check out the on air conversation below:

Kidd Kaddrick: One of my best friends is Joe Jonas and we're on our way to a TV Studio. We're just shooting a breeze, and I'm like so have you talked to Camilla, blah blah, and he's like "Well, nice day." Hes like changing the subject and everything, and then I mention you and he goes "she's awesome". So, I'm just giving you a heads up.

Taylor: Well, that's nice!

Kaddrick: Yeah, so he wouldnt talk about any girl, and then I bring you up and he's like "she's awesome". So, I just thought I'd throw that in there. Let you know. Joe's all good.

Taylor: Aw.

Other DJ: Do you think Joe's awesome?

Kidd: What should I tell Joe in return?

Taylor: It's a nice day.

We love how shy Taylor is when it comes to talking about Joe Jonas but we think she responded with the perfect answer! We can't wait to see if Joe ends up winning her back!