Joe Jonas Uses His Music Video To Win Back Taylor Swift

We all know how Joe Jonas has been trying to win over his ex-flame Taylor Swift.Well Joe has just taken his quest to win back Taylor's heart to another level.

His music video for "Just in Love" was released on Sept. 13 and his on-screen love-interest looked a lot like our favorite country cutie. Not to mention that the music video was released on the 13th, Taylor's favorite number. Coincidence?

The love-interest had blonde hair with bangs, was wearing Taylor's favorite sunglasses and a striped shirt just like the one Taylor was spotted wearing, and was writing words onto Joe Jonas's arm in the music video.

We all know how Taylor always writes song lyrics on her arm so he was definitely trying to her her attention. The girl was a T-Swift look-a-like from the way she dressed (a peacoat with skinny jeans and a flirty dress) to the way she carried herself.

We wonder what Taylor Swift thinks about Joe's music video. She must know that he wants to win her back, after all, he did attend her LA concert after the VMAs and then stopped by her concert in San Jose a couple days later.

Do you think Taylor is going to take Joe back?