Joe Jonas Wants A Fashion Line?

In a recent interview, Joe Jonas said he was keen to go into partnership with Calvin Klein to create a comfortable and cool clothing line.

After going to the Calvin Klein fashion show at Milan's Fashion Week, Joe said, "I went to a Calvin Klein fashion show and it was really cool to kind of understand that world of fashion and diving in was really fun. They (Calvin Klein) wanna do some stuff, I wanna do some stuff with them. So I'm looking forward to it."

Joe has always been fashion conscious and when giving fashion advice he said, " You just gotta be comfortable with what you wear, but just go out of your comfort zone on certain things. You don't want to be in super tight fitting clothes all the time, but if it's a jacket and you say 'I don't know,' try it out. It helps your creativity when you wear clothes."

I can't wait to see what Joe comes up with! It's totally going to be all the rage!