Why Joey King and Jacob Elordi Are a Better Couple Than Their The Kissing Booth Counterparts

Netflix's new rom-com The Kissing Booth has people all over the world dreaming of a love story like Noah and Elle's.

Unfortunately, we aren't quite on the same page. But while we couldn't find it in our hearts to support Elle and Noah's relationship, our dreams of a great love were fully redeemed when we found out that the actors who play Elle and Noah are dating IRL.

And this is one relationship we're definitely rooting for. Keep scrolling to find out why Joey King and Jacob Elordi are a better couple than their The Kissing Booth counterparts.

They Started Out as Friends

In The Kissing Booth, Noah and Elle have kind of a strange relationship. They grew up together, but they never seemed to actually be friends, and then suddenly one day they started dating. In contrast, Joey and Jacob started off as good friends before realizing there might be more to their relationship.

We're not saying that you have to start as friends for a relationship to be successful, but it usually gives you a better understanding and admiration for a person if you bond on a friendship level first. Plus, we just love that Joey and Jacob's relationship developed more slowly, as opposed to the hot and heavy romance of Elle and Noah.


They're Crafty

Guys. Jacob made Joey a scrapbook about their relationship. Could you ever in a million years imagine Noah doing that for Elle? Of course you couldn't because he's too busy being moody and starting fights with people for no reason. Small as it might be, the little scrapbook shows that Jacob has quite the sentimental side that seems to be missing from Noah's personality.


Their Family Approves

While no one was on board with Elle and Noah's relationship, it seems that Jacob and Joey have the support of their family and friends. They've posted numerous photos spending time with each other's pals relatives and getting to know the important people in each other's lives. Of course, we have no wa of knowing if everyone is truly on board with this couple, but it seems they have a much more solid foundation than their Kissing Booth alter egos.


They're Silly

Pretty much the entirety of Noah and Elle's relationship was wrought with all kinds of drama. They had to hide their romance from their families, they would bicker incessantly—they just didn't seem to have any time to truly enjoy each other's company. In contrast, Jacob and Joey seem to have tons of fun just spending time together. From pics of them traveling the world to silly behind-the-scenes photoshoots, this couple definitely knows how to relax and appreciate simply being with one another.


They Just Seem Sweet

In all reality, we don't actually know Jacob and Joey apart from the little snippets of their life that we get to experience online and in interviews. But that alone gives us the impression they're a very sweet couple. They've been together more than a year at this point and there doesn't seem to be any apparent concern in their relationship. Where Elle and Noah totally rubbed us the wrong way and had us feeling a little cringe-y after the movie's end, Joey and Jacob have us going all googly-eyed every time they post a new picture.


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