John Chu Gives Sneak Peak Of NSN Bonus Footage

Good news for Beliebers world wide- "Never Say Never" is going to be re-released with 40 minutes of bonus footage that is said to be more"fan-centric." The film's director, John Chu, opened up to Celebuzz and let viewers know what they can expect from the new cut.

"We included things like "Omaha Mall," [Justin's song from when he visited] because it wouldn't really fit in the movie, but it works in the fan cut because it was huge on the internet. There's also things like fans coming to the premiere of the movie, they're watching it that first weekend and we took cameras and filmed fans all round the country and we're going to put it in the movie. So two weeks ago you went to the movie theater, you're going to be in a movie this Friday!"

When asked what he would want to work on next, the star director said he'd love to do an episode of Glee.

Hmmm…I think we'd love that too! To find out what else you can expect from the extended fan version of Justin Bieber's Never Say Never, click here.