John Roberts, the Voice of Bob's Burgers' Linda Belcher, Talks His New Single, 'Danger'

John Roberts may be best known for his iconic role as Linda Belcher on Bob's Burgers, but he's also a talented electro-pop artist with an important message to spread.

Today, May 3, he dropped "DANGER," his first single of 2023, and it's the perfect distillation of what makes John unique as a singer and songwriter. The '80s-infused dance track instantly had us hooked with its pulsing beat and twinkly synths, and John's instantly recognizable vocals really drive the vibe home. The track is accompanied by an infectious and hilarious music video that feels plucked right out of the '80s, with a star-studded cast featuring Margaret Cho and Katherin Kendall. As longtime fans of his voice work, we just had to learn more about the new song and its story, and we had the pleasure of chatting with John to get the inside scoop.

The Story Behind 'DANGER'

John Roberts: "DANGER" is a song I wrote after Junior Sanchez gave me the track. I played around in my studio and the melody and lyrics came right to me. I was upset about some toxic bulls***. LGBTQ rights and sensible gun laws were also on my mind when I wrote it.


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What 'DANGER' Means

JR: It's mostly about listening to your inner voice when you find yourself in bad situations. I hope they like the overall sound and beat and melody and lyrics!

John Roberts with 80s hair for danger music video

(Image courtesy of John Roberts)


John's Favorite Lyric

JR: "Had you in the room, now you're a stranger." I think it's very relatable.

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On Voice Acting and Singing

JR: I am constantly using my voice and warming it up. It's playful and creative, which music should always be. The more you write and record, the more confident you become. I think this next round of singles I will be releasing this year will show progress, and that is the idea.


On the Roles He's Most Passionate About

JR: Well, Linda will most likely be the most natural and fun job I have. It's very rare to be on a TV show this long. Music is what I am most excited about right now, but I also filmed a movie last year with John Early, and I am excited for that.


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On His Favorite Character to Voice

JR: Linda Belcher, hands down. I have been doing an impersonation of my mother since third grade.

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Final Thoughts

JR: "DANGER" will explode after one thousand listens. Kidding!


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