JoJo Siwa Talks Role Models, Her Epic Bow Collection and Rad Claire's Accessories Line

We have a confession: JoJo Siwa has completely taken over our lives and we think it's time to let the world know.

The Dance Moms star, dancer and singer is taking over one of our fave apps, and that's just one of the many reasons she's our #WCW this week.

Read on for details on her rad Claire's jewelry line and much more!

JoJo Siwa #WCW art

(Photo Credit: Claire's)

Name: JoJo Siwa

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Birthday: May 19

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Fun Facts:

1. She has a love-hate relationship with a wide variety of foods. "I hate cheeseburgers and I hate hotdogs," she told Sweety High. "What I do like though, is pizza rolls, pizza sticks, ramen noodles, mac and cheese and lemons." Weirdly enough, lemons happen to be her favorite. "On Dance Moms, we'd always have contests between me and Maddie, because she loved them, too," she shared.

2. Back home, she has two dogs named Coco and Lulu, but she also has a dog in California named BowBow. "Our whole life, we've had a set of a Maltese and a Yorkie. And now we have a Maltese and two Yorkies," she said. Her and BowBow are definitely taking people who look like their dog to a whole new level.

I love this dog way to much????????

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3. Her collections, which include shoes and anything Grey's Anatomy-related, are ????. "I love Grey's Anatomy," she said. "I have their scrubs and I made a custom lab coat." She also owns an epic assortment of bows (700+) and has been collecting them her whole life. I mean, who doesn'need a giant blue bow in their life?

Back in LA ! ☀️????☀️ Love it here ????????????????????????⭐️

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4. She recently became obsessed with baking—particularly cupcakes. "I like doing the piping and the baking and decorating," she dished. "It's all really fun for me."

5. She collaborated with Claire's on her own line of bows, and there's much more in store. Needless to say, she finds the product creation and its new developments "really exciting." She also said they now have earrings, key chains, makeup, hair accessories, jewelry and more! Here she is wearing her favorite rainbow bow from the line, and we are obsessed.????

6. She has dreams of becoming a big pop star one day. "I want to grow up to be like Britney Spears and Meghan Trainor," she gushed. She's well on her way with her catchy single "Boomerang."

7. Her spirit animal is a unicorn. "I'm bright, I'm sparkly, fun, crazy and creative," she said. We couldn't agree more, tbh. This onesie is totally fitting.

Unicorns ???? ????????????

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—Reporting by Ashley Locke


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