If You Love Colorful Makeup, You Need the HipDot x JoJo Siwa Collection

Jojo Siwa—queen of bows and all things dance—has teamed up with HipDot for an epic collab!

Together, the makeup brand and Jojo Siwa created some amazing products, and if you're into colorful, bold makeup, you absolutely need to get your hands on this collection. Continue below to learn about each and every product in the HipDot x Jojo Siwa collection.

Jojo Siwa Pink Palette: $18

The pink palette couldn't have come at a better time with summer just around the corner. This six-shade palette features pink, purple, yellow and gold tones, and we're in love!

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Jojo Siwa White Palette: $18

While the white palette doesn't feature any white shades, it does have some super bright colors. Think blue, green, pink, orange and yellow tones! You can have tons of fun creating an eye look from this palette.

(via HipDot)


Jojo Siwa Lip Set: $20

We don't know if it's super common, but upon opening two of the three lipsticks, the entire product just fell out. Hopefully, it was just a shipping issue and not the actual packaging! So while we weren't able to try the pink and red, we did end up loving the sheer pink one.

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Jojo Siwa Brush Set: $20

If you're in the market for some new brushes, this set is a great option. The best part has to be the faux rainbow sprinkles in the base of the brushes— how cute! Included in the set are two face brushes and two eye brushes, aka, the basics!

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Jojo Siwa Limited Edition Collector's Box: $88

If you want to get your hands on everything mentioned above, you should definitely consider buying the Limited Edition Collector's Box. The brush set, lip set and two eyeshadow palettes come in a box that also has a Jojo pin.

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