Twitter Is Freaking Out Over JoJo Siwa's YouTube Video With North West

Well, it finally happened.

Over the weekend, JoJo Siwa posted her highly-anticipated video with an extra-cute member of the Kardashian clan: North West.

Suffice it to say, the internet is freaking out. Keep scrolling for some of the best Twitter reactions to this unlikely collab.

Tbh, it's nearly unbelievable:


They made some slime and it looked like a disaster:


But it was also North's favorite part of the day:


We've determined North's favorite word is 'yeah':


Seriously, the girl will say yes to anything:


We also get an extra peek at JoJo's house:


And we're just kind of wondering how she lives there?


All in all, it was the collab we didn't know we needed:


And now we're waiting for our babysitting call from Kim like:



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