Our Favorite JoJo Siwa Quotes From Her IG Video About Coming Out

JoJo Siwa has officially announced that she's a part of the LGBTQ community, and we couldn't be more proud or supportive!

Coming out is a big deal, and we love that she did it in such a public manner for her young fans to see. The ever-admirable JoJo did an IG live the other day and she said some pretty memorable stuff. Keep reading for our favorite JoJo Siwa quotes from her IG video about coming out.

She doesn't care if her person is a guy or girl:

"I always believed that my person was just going to be my person."

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She wants you to know that your love life is your love life, no one else's:

"Right now what matters is that you guys know that no matter who you love that it's okay."


She respects humans regardless of gender:

"I think humans are awesome, I think humans are incredible people."


She's showing people coming out can be a good and liberating thing:

"Coming out has this stigma around it—that it's a really, really scary thing—but it's not anymore. There's so many accepting and loving people out there."


She says being different is better than being normal:

"It's okay not to be normal—it's okay to be different."

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She can't stop smiling:

"I'm the happiest that I've ever been, and that's what matters."


She hints that you know when you meet your person, so has she met hers?

"In life you know when you meet your person."


She has a smile that is truly contagious:

"I literally cannot stop smiling and my face hurts."


She absolutely loves love:

"Love is universal and you guys can love whoever you want to love."

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