These JoJo Siwa Quotes Make the Best Instagram Captions

We always turn to JoJo Siwa's words of wisdom whenever the haters get us down, or we need some advice for how to deal with bullies. Whatever the case may be, JoJo always knows what to say to instantly make us feel better.

Her quotes can be used for so much more than inspiration to make it through the day. For example, plenty of her encouraging words and song lyrics make the best Instagram captions.

Scroll below for a nine JoJo quotes you can use for every type of pic you post on Insta.


For a group shot of you and your besties:



For a pic of you surrounded by tons of your fave candy:

"Gonna live the dream like a candy queen."


For a photo of you living your best life:

"I'm livin' that life."

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For a boomerang of you jumping in the air:

"I don't really care about what they say, I'mma come back like a boomerang."


For a #NoFilter selfie:

"I'm my own kind of girl."


For a vid of you dancing the night away:

"Hold the drama, I just wanna dance."

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For a scenic shot of the clouds you took while in an airplane:

"Catch me if you can."


For a snap of you exploring the world:

"Be yourself and have fun with your life."


For a fire selfie showing off your new bow:

"Siwanatorz are strong, confident and believe in themselves."

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