Jolly Llama's Ice Cream Delights Pack ALL the Flavor You'd Expect—With None of the Dairy

If you've been following me for long here, you know that I love ice cream. If it's sweet, frozen and creamy, I'm willing to give it a try, and I find that I'm usually rewarded when I go out on a limb.

So when I heard about Jolly Llama, a frozen dessert company dedicated to making vegan-friendly, dairy-free treats, I was immediately interested. Up until recently, the brand was all about their fruit-packed sorbet pops, but they've now introduced additional ice cream-y treats designed to satisfy lovers of the traditional desserts, without the dairy. While I've had some positively delicious vegan ice creams in the past, others simply haven't hit the mark. Regardless, I was happy to accept some samples when they were offered to me, and I've since discovered another new favorite vegan ice cream brand.

The Brand

Jolly Llama is a vegan brand whose products are free of all dairy, gluten, soy and dyes. While they're best known for their sorbet pops (which come in Pineapple, Mango, Blackberry, Strawberry and Raspberry flavors), new products in their lineup include "ice cream" cones and sandwiches made with real coconut cream, and are designed to taste just like the classic.

And whether you're buying a box of four sorbet pops, a box of three cones or a box of four ice cream sandwiches, everything retails online for $5.99. They're also sold at certain retailers, including Whole Foods and Walmart. Click HERE to find out where you can purchase Jolly Llama products near you.

The Flavors

Cool Mint Chocolate Chip Sandwich

I decided to start with the ultra-tempting Cool Mint Chocolate Chip Sandwich, and I was pretty glad that I did. The sandwich was small—only a couple of inches on each side and about an inch thick—but it still packed a lot of flavor. From the second I opened up the package, I could smell the minty flavor, and the bite of the soft, delicious ice cream sandwich was immediately satisfying. The chocolatey cookie layer beautifully complemented the fresh, minty ice cream within, embedded with chocolate bits, and though the ice cream was made with coconut cream, I didn't taste coconut at all. When I was finished with it, I actually felt it had been just the right size—and at 160 calories per sandwich, I felt it was absolutely worth it.

Jolly Llama Cool Mint Chocoalte Chip sandwich

(via Jolly Llama)


Caramel Chocolate Chip Cone

Next up, it was time to try this ultra decadent-looking chocolate cone. I'm actually not the biggest fan of chocolate ice cream in general, but I think this cone may have won me over. Firstly, the top of the cone, with its hunks of rich chocolate and swirls of caramel, left the perfect first impression, giving the cone an incredible taste as well as texture. Once I'd eaten it all, I was already hooked, and eager to make my way to the bottom of the cone, where the chocolatey tip awaited me. Again, there was zero coconut flavor here, and the 310-calorie cone was everything I hoped it'd be, and more.

Jolly Llama caramel chocolate chip cone

(via Jolly Llama)


Sorbet Pops

Lastly, the brand also sent me their Sorbet Pops in Blackberry, Mango and Strawberry, and after trying them all, I can see why these are the brand's hero offering. These deliciously fruity pops are like a more sophisticated version of a Push-Up Pop, with better flavor and better-for-you ingredients. Each one is dreamily smooth and absolutely creamy, tasting like fresh-picked fruit. It's honestly the perfect summer treat—and these were actually the first to go in my household! Plus, at 70 to 80 calories each, you can enjoy a couple of pops at a time with zero regrets.

Jolly Llama Sorbet Pops

(via Jolly Llama)


Bottom Line

If you've been scouring the freezer section at your local grocery store for something tasty, vegan and gluten-free, you truly can't go wrong with Jolly Llama. Not only are they suitable for people with a number of dietary restrictions, but they also taste so good you'll be craving them even if you don't adhere to a dairy-free, gluten-free diet. They're also not much more expensive than other frozen treats. If your local stores stock Jolly Llama, consider yourself lucky!


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