A Definitive Ranking of the 10 Best Jonas Brothers Songs of All Time

After a few long years out of the spotlight, the Jonas Brothers are finally back.

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When I first heard their announcement regarding the return of the band, the preteen inside of me leapt for joy. Then I heard "Sucker," and the adult inside of me leapt even higher.

Yes, the Jonas Brothers still got it—there's no denying that. In honor of their triumphant return, keep scrolling for my definitive ranking of the 10 best Jonas Brothers songs of all time.

10. 'Take a Breath' – Jonas Brothers 

"Take a Breath" is a criminally underrated Jonas Brothers song. A standout tune of their 2007 album, this song is all about stopping to smell the roses, even when life feels like it's rushing by way too fast. It has a very typical Jonas Brothers sound, which basically means it's super catchy. But it's also on this list due to the sweet and much-needed message found within the lyrics.

9. 'Year 3000' – It's About Time 

"Year 3000" absolutely has to be on this list—it's one of the most iconic Jonas Brothers songs of all time. However, it only ranks at No. 9 because it's more on the simplistic side. I still know every word, but as the band progressed, their music (thankfully) got a little deeper than an imaginary trip to the future. Forever one of my faves, but definitely not the absolute best JoBros tune.

8. 'Goodnight and Goodbye' – Jonas Brothers 

If you take a close look at this list, you'll quickly realize that the Jonas Brothers' self-titled album was obviously my favorite. There are so many bangers on that disc, including "Goodnight and Goodbye." It has a more striking sound than some of their other tunes, making it an especially dance-worthy beat. It's all about dealing with a breakup when you're just completely done with the other person. I don't know what the teenage Jonas Brothers were going through, but I'm here for it.

7. 'When You Look Me in the Eyes' – Jonas Brothers 

As much as I love a Jonas Brothers tune that makes me want to dance, I can also appreciate their slower, softer songs. "When You Look Me in the Eyes" features some of their most heartfelt lyrics. The teenagers sing about the power of falling in love in a surprisingly relatable way, despite being so young. It's a sweet one with a more mellow vibe in comparison to their other music. It definitely deserves a spot on this list, but it's not yet their best work.

6. 'Lovebug' – A Little Bit Longer 

Most people would agree that "Lovebug" is a Jonas Brothers classic. It starts off slow and sweet, as the three brothers sing about the happiness that accompanies falling for someone new. It's a cute tune, but my favorite part definitely has to be the beat drop, when the sound turns to a strong pop/rock tune. What can I say? I like a song that makes me want to jump up and down and scream the lyrics. Sue me.

5. 'Inseparable' – Jonas Brothers 

I'm all about underrated Jonas Brothers tunes, and "Inseparable" is another song that earns that title. While some of their tracks veer quite young, "Inseparable" has a slightly older sound that really makes it stand out on the album. It's prime boy band material, and I love every second of it.

4. 'Pushin' Me Away' – A Little Bit Longer 

The last of my beloved underrated songs, I had to add "Pushin' Me Away" to this list. It has a stronger rock vibe than some other tunes that varies from the verses to the chorus, creating a really rich sound that's fun to listen to. It's a great pump-up song, or one that's perfect to listen to when you're just really mad at your S.O. Either way, it's easily one of my faves, despite its lack of outside recognition.

3. 'S.O.S' – Jonas Brothers 

"S.O.S" is obviously a top song. First of all, the tune is just catchy—there's no way around that. But it also addresses some very teenage relationship problems, which gives it a dose of nostalgia that I will forever love. "It's like I'm walking on broken glass," the brothers sing. Because your 15-year-old girlfriend broke up with you? Talk about drama. I love this song, I will always love it—I don't care how dramatic the JoBros are.

2. 'Sucker'

Despite my love for old school Jonas Brothers, "Sucker" has easily earned a slot as one of their best tunes. It's reminiscent of their old music, but it still has a fresh, more refined sound. And that music video. I'm still recovering from all that perfection, but suffice to say, the Jonas Brothers have me hooked once again.

1. 'Burnin' Up' – A Little Bit Longer 

Obviously "Burnin' Up" earns the top slot on this list. It's impossible to hear this song without a) singing along,  b) breaking into some sick dance moves or c) all of the above. It's peak Jonas, which means they're going to have to work pretty hard to outdo this one. However, based on how good "Sucker" was, I think the Jonas Brothers 2.0 might be up to the challenge.


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