Why Jordan Fisher Would Never Make a Breakup Pact Like Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between

If you love a good rom-com with a twist, Netflix's new movie Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between is a must-watch.

The film stars Jordan Fisher and Talia Ryder as Aidan and Claire, two high school seniors who only agree to date on the condition of a breakup pact, with the two going their separate ways before they go off to college. Of course, this is a rom-com, so things don't go exactly as planned. Will the perfect couple go through with their pact, or realize that when it comes to love, plans just get in the way?

We loved the movie, and just had to find out more—and we got the chance to chat with star Jordan Fisher all about the film, his role as Aidan and the role that music has played in his entertainment career.

Sweety High: Can you start by telling us a little bit about Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between?

Jordan Fisher: It's not your average YA rom-com. It's a real human story that's being told about two people that are going through a very specific difficult transitional period in their lives, which we have all gone through, or some of us haven't yet. It's graduating high school or starting college and figuring out how you want to do life, not knowing anything about it or knowing what to expect, and how to navigate that with your relationships. It's not just about the romantic side of things, it's the friendships, its family, it's all of the above. It's really special!


SH: How similar are you to your character Aidan in real life? What would you say are your biggest similarities and your biggest differences?

JF: We have a handful of similarities for sure. I also very much used to be a perfectionist, and I'm a recovering perfectionist nowadays if you will. Aidan's a sweetheart and I would like to say that people would hopefully think that about me.


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SH: What was it like working opposite Talia? What was your friendship like in real life?

JF: She was amazing! An absolute dream come true. She's so great at her work—a consummate professional, ready to get the job done and a real family person, which I love. I would be thrilled to do anything with her forever and ever. Our friendship in real life is very close. We have become very, very good friends and would even consider each other family in certain aspects. When you're tasked with doing something as challenging as filming a movie in the height of the pandemic and you're on location and have to quarantine, it really puts you in a position to be more vulnerable and get to know people a little bit better because things are stripped down and it's not so loud and busy, and I think that's what was necessary for filming this movie.

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SH: What was your most memorable moment from the set?

JF: We had a lot of them! My most memorable moments were probably the tubing scene and the argument scene.


SH: Do you think you ever would have agreed to a breakup pact like the one in the movie? How do you think you would have handled the situation at the end of the summer if you were in a similar situation?

JF: No, not me! I've always been a hopeless romantic and I never liked the idea of starting something expecting it to end. So I personally wouldn't have, but everybody's got to do what works for them and that goes for people in relationships—you got to know what works for you.

It's hard to say if I were in a similar situation because if I were Aidan and had these feelings for Claire, I would be really, really clear about them and straight up long before the final date. It's obviously never going to go the way you plan it, but then we wouldn't have a story, wouldn't have a novel!

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SH: You also recorded the song "Everything I Ever Wanted" for the film. What was the creative process for the song, and what did it mean to you to have it featured in the movie's conclusion?

JF: I feel like sonically, it's a really beautiful way to kind of wrap up the film. It's very warm and smiley and full of hope, light and heart. It just feels good. In terms of the creative process, I didn't write the record, but was definitely able to impart some production notes, thoughts and ideas to the piece, but frankly just thrilled to be able to sing it.


SH: Speaking of music, you were also the voice of Robaire from 4*Town in Turning Red. What was your experience recording for the film with the rest of the "band"

JF: It was awesome! I have never been in a boy band. It's safe to say I probably never will be in a boy band in my life. It's not something I am looking to do or looking to make happen for myself ever. Maybe when I was a teenager, but to be able to be immortalized in a boy band, by being part of the first Pixar version of that and for it to be as specific, diverse and cultured as it is, it's really special. I'm excited for my son to get old enough to be able to recognize that when we watch Turning Red, he's hearing his dad sing. That's so cool to me.

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I honestly did kind of expect the songs to blow up for a lot of reasons. It's Disney, it's Pixar, the music itself is really great regardless of the people that are making it. The music stands on its own. The music is just so good. The songs are great, scores are great, backtracks are great for everything. And then you lace in Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connor and the team of musicians and singers that these artists pulled together to help breathe as much authentic boy band life into it. I've been doing this for a while, so I
can see the signs and I can tell when a song is going to be big for a movie, and when we cut it, we all knew that feeling. I've worked with the same team for Moana and a handful of other Disney projects, and we've shared and had that feeling before, and this was no different.


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