Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Country Music Singer Jordan Rager

With catchy tracks like "One of The Good Ones," it's hard not to want to get to get acquainted with Jordan Rager.

Keep scrolling for everything you've ever wanted to know about the country music crooner.

Jordan Rager

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jordan Rager)

Full Name: Jordan Christopher Rager

Hometown: Loganville, Georgia

Birthday: Feb. 21

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Fun Facts:

1. Leaving his hometown to pursue his dreams in Nashville was the scariest thing he has ever done.

"I was 19 with nothing to my name but big dreams and a passion for writing songs, and I bet everything I had on those big dreams."

–Jordan Rager

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2. He can't seem to get Shawn Mendes' "Particular Taste" out of his head. Same.

3. Friends are important to him. That's probably why the sitcom Friends is one of his faves.

4. He's a Marvel kind of guy all the way.

"The movies are almost always incredible and I never miss one."

–Jordan Rager

5. He's always been a massive baseball fan.

"I played when I was younger and still love following the game. I always wore number 13 when I played because everyone said it was an unlucky number."

–Jordan Rager

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6. He still thinks Bugs Bunny rocks.

"He never let anyone outsmart him. He was even smart enough to recruit Michael Jordan when the Monstars came after him in Space Jam."

–Jordan Rager


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