Everything You Wanted to Know About 'Can I Get It Back' Singer-Songwriter Jordana Bryant

As longtime fans and followers of  17-year-old singer-songwriter Jordana Bryant, we couldn't be prouder to see just how far she's come.

Her hit single "Can I Get It Back" feels like the ultimate fusion between Jordana's country roots and soaring, angsty R&B, but that was just the beginning of what she had in store with us in 2023. Last month, she dropped her self-titled label debut EP, further exploring Jordana's talents as both a vocalist and vulnerable songwriter, and we think the songs are her very best to date. Love Jordana as much as we do? Click HERE to stream the EP, and find out everything Jordana revealed to us as our new Woman Crush Wednesday below.

Jordana Bryant trivia Woman Crush Wednesday

(Image courtesy of Jordana Bryant)

Name: Jordana Bryant

Hometown: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Birth month: July

Zodiac sign: Leo

1. When Jordana's feeling discouraged, she takes some time to recenter herself and get some perspective.

"One of my favorite ways of doing that is hiking. I find that getting out in nature is really calming for me and always puts me in a better mood. I also love spending time with my family and friends, playing board games and baking. I think when you're feeling overwhelmed, it can be really helpful to try to just do something fun and get your mind off of it."

-Jordana Bryant

2. Her weirdest habit is listening to music basically 24/7—but not when she's writing music.

"Usually, I love listening to music throughout my day—while I'm getting ready in the morning, while I'm making breakfast, while I'm driving to wherever I'm going, etc. But on any day that I have a co-write, I won't listen to any music before the session—I like to just have some time in silence. I don't know if it has any effect whatsoever, but I feel like I really benefit from having some time to sit with my thoughts and just be open to any ideas that might come my way."

-Jordana Bryant


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3. She doesn't consider herself a very picky eater, but she's not really a fan of cheese.

"I'll eat mozzarella cheese on other things, like pizza, but otherwise I won't really eat cheese. Also, even though I grew up near Philadelphia, which is the home of cream cheese and cheese steaks, I'm not really a huge fan of either food!"

-Jordana Bryant

4. Her favorite Disney movies are High School Musical and Camp Rock.

"The soundtracks on both movies are just so amazing. Every song is so catchy and well-written, and even now, I still love singing along to the songs from those two movies."

-Jordana Bryant

5. She used to play both tennis and softball in school.

"I got into tennis because my whole family played and would always watch the professional matches on TV, and I got into softball because my older brother was a baseball pitcher and I wanted to be just like him! I only played for a few years, but I had a blast with both sports. One funny memory I have from playing softball is that one day when we were practicing and I was on the field with my glove on, I suddenly felt a buzzing on my left hand (the hand my glove was on) and I looked down and saw a bee crawling into my glove. At the time I was terrified of bees, so I stood there petrified until finally I flung my glove off and sprinted away screaming. I didn't get stung, but my interest in softball kind of declined after that…"

-Jordana Bryant


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6. She doesn't have any good luck charms, but ahead of her shows, she does like to take some time visualizing her success.

"Before I perform, I always like to envision myself doing what I hope to do—hitting all the notes, keeping the energy up, entertaining the crowd, etc. I think envisioning and manifesting what you want to happen is a great way to put yourself in a positive mindset and to create the right state of mind to achieve your goals."

-Jordana Bryant

7. Rose is her favorite fragrance in the world.

"The scent is just so calming to me and always makes me smile."

-Jordana Bryant

8. She couldn't live without the Voice Memos app.

"I use it every day to record song ideas I have. It's the one app I truly fear losing, and the reason I back up my phone practically every week!"

-Jordana Bryant


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9. Her go-to nail polish color is light pink.

"I feel like it's pretty neutral so it goes with everything, but it's also not so neutral that it feels colorless or bland. And blush pink is my favorite color, so I love wearing it on my nails."

-Jordana Bryant

10. Above everything else, Jordana believes in the power of positivity.

"I truly believe that there is so much positivity out there, and if you're open to receiving it and if you're looking for it, you'll find that there are so many amazing little things happening every day that can make you smile. My goal with my music is to spread positivity because I feel like music has the power to bring people together and make them feel less alone because it shows them that other people are feeling the same things as they are. That's why my main focus while I was writing my EP that I just released was to create a project that people could relate to and that made them feel better than before they heard it."

-Jordana Bryant


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