Jordyn Woods Tells Us Why She's 'So Excited' to Collab With BFF Kylie Jenner

There's nothing we love more than an iconic celeb friendship.

And while we're totally swooning over Kylie Jenner's growing family, we've also been fangirling another relationship: Kylie's bond with her BFF, Jordyn Woods.

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A model and fashion guru, Jordyn has been one of Kylie's closet confidants for years. From her sweet words in Kylie's pregnancy announcement video, to Kylie's "JW" ring celebrating the two most important people in her life, it's pretty clear that this pair is practically inseparable—they even live together!

In true BFF fashion, the pair recently announced a makeup collaboration, generating tons of excitement about the blending of their unique beauty aesthetics.

We caught up with Jordyn at the recent launch event for the new youth-focused prestige beauty brand Petite 'n Pretty at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, where she shared what's she most looking forward to in taking on the new collaboration.

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"I'm not really nervous about anything, to be honest," Jordyn told Sweety High. "I'm more so excited because we really just got to get creative and do something together. I'm just excited for the photoshoots and just, everything actually."

And it's safe to say fans are equally as thrilled. As a well-known model independent of her relationship with Kylie, Jordyn's made a name for herself by speaking out about the importance of body positivity and owning who you are.

"I feel like everything starts first with self-acceptance and owning your individuality because you're made in this body for a reason and you can't change that, so just work on becoming the best version of you," Jordyn said. "And for me, when I understood that my individuality was my greatest gift, that's when I really just worked on myself and became confident."

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We're definitely expecting that effortless confidence to shine through in the new collab. And hopefully we'll get a taste of Jordyn's effortless glow and dewy complexion, as well.

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